Mental Health

Psychological Impact Post-COVID-19: Current Situation and Future Considerations

Zohreh Rahimi
Mental Health

Unilever’s CLEAR Commits to Helping Millions Build Resilience to Better Cope with the Challenges Ahead


Gaining Weight in Lockdown? Here Is How You Can Keep It Under Control

Tommy Williamson

Lockdown Can Dramatically Affect Relationships – Here’s What You Need to Do

Kate Thompson & Sarah Ingram
Mental Health

COVID-19 Could Reshape Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health

During COVID-19, Pay Attention to Your Window of Tolerance

Dr Stephanie Kriesberg 
Social Psychology

How Lockdown May Inhibit Our Emotion Recognition and Social Cues

Laura Jenkins, PhD
Mental Health

We Have to Reconnect with Compassion

Dr Isabelle Leboeuf
Mental Health Stories

What I’m Doing to Look After My Mental Health During Self-Isolation

Dale Burden
Health Psychology

Meeting the Psychological Needs of People Recovering from Severe Coronavirus Is Important to Promoting Recovery, Says BPS

Social Psychology

Have We Become a Collectivist Society Because of COVID-19?

Alkistis Saramandi
Clinical Psychology

Isolation, Addiction, and COVID-19

Dennis Relojo-Howell
Organisational Psychology

How Does Remote Working and COVID-19 Affect Work-Life Balance?

Clinical Psychology

Managing (and Understanding) Mental Health Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Richard Marshall
Clinical Psychology

How to Survive Family Togetherness During COVID-19

Dr Stephanie Kriesberg