Special Needs

Pregnant Mother’s Immunity Tied to Behavioural and Emotional Challenges for Kids With Autism

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6 Strategies Parents Can Use to Help Children Overcome Academic Anxiety

Onah Caleb
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What Jigsaw Puzzles Tell Us About Child Development

Education & Learning

Teen Museum Educators Increase Engagement, Learning, in Tween Visitors

Family, Children & Relationship

Most Common Mental Disorders Among Children

Dennis Relojo-Howell
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Regular Physical Activity Seems to Enhance Cognition in Children Who Need It Most

Positivity & Lifestyle

Rethink the Rainbow – Positivity in a Pandemic

Samantha Maeer
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Early Childhood Education Centres Can Boost Parents’ Engagement at Home

Health & Medicine

Does a Child’s Height Affect Their Future Risk of Obesity?

Cyberpsychology & Technology

Negative Effects of Smartphone Use on Parenting Is Unlikely, Research Says

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Techniques to Enhance Cognitive Abilities Among Children

Manisha Dhami
Mental Health & Well-Being

Safe Gaming – New Guidelines Will Support Children Online

News Release
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Let’s Instil Resilience to Children. It’s a Lifetime Skill

Dr Parvinder Kaur
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Parental Death During Childhood Is a Reality of Life That We Can’t Just Ignore

Dr Rachel Fearnley
Gender & Sexuality

Psychotherapists Have a Crucial Role in Helping Trans Youth

Denisse Arcos-Pratt