Family, Children & Relationship

Sharing a Room Can Help Children Develop Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management Skills

Education & Learning

Relationships and Co-Regulation – How to Keep Vulnerable Children in School

Sheila Mulvenney
Family, Children & Relationship

70% of Parents Incentivise Their Children for Pocket Money

Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy

Kids with Eating Disorders Being ‘Let Down by NHS’ – Hundreds Waiting Months for Treatment, Including Urgent Cases

Mental Health & Well-Being

Mental Health of School-Aged Children Has Worsened, New Study Reveals

Special Needs

Autism Is Not a Word to Be Feared but a Child to Be Loved

Claris Angafor
Health & Medicine

Are Your Children Sleeping Enough? New Research Points to Blood Test

Family, Children & Relationship

Say Anything App – Something That Every Mum Needs, As Well As Her Cup of Tea

Family, Children & Relationship

Fegans Launches Free Online Parenting Course

News Release
Mental Health Stories

The Nightmare of Parental Alienation

John McHarg
Special Needs

Parents of Children with Autism: Who Will Care for Them After I’m Gone ?

Dr Anna Kennedy OBE
Special Needs

My Child Has Autism – He will Never Outgrow Me, He’s My Very Own Peter Pan

Bernadette O’Donnell
Mental Health & Well-Being

How Can TV Shows Improve the Mental Health of Teens

Dennis Relojo-Howell
Special Needs

Autism Hero Awards Held Last 9th November

Special Needs

‘Give Us a Break’ Anti-Bullying Campaign Raises Awareness on Autism