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Understanding the Symphony of Plants

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Many plant lovers water the plants, mist, talk and even apologise to them. It makes it feel good to create a healthy environment full of clean air. One researcher, Clever Backster, quotes in one of the books that plant recognise and respond to human emotions and thoughts.

Plants are those living beings that respond to the environment and arguably make decisions for their own. Plants are silent, unaware, unreactive oxygen factories. 

The secret life of plants

The book has essentially been the party line on plants for most recorded history in the New York Times best-seller with best and chock-full scientific experiments. Many energy fields talk were considered years back to encourage the general public to consider plants in ways we never had before. Do the plants constantly produce the type of music that is heard in the spa? One can imagine answering this question as ‘no’.

Musical mysteries

Although it is a fascinating endeavour with a combination of organic matter and technology, still it is romantic to think of plants having the taste of music more intellectually. Devices have been developed such as Plantwave and many more that resonate the sound with the electrical impedance heard.

It is like listening to a plant concert but knowing that the real voices of plants are much more mysterious than we yet know. According to the neuro-botanical studies on the plants, music generated is more of an issue that is more artistic or even spiritual than scientific.

Musical grace

Lovers of the greens consider the impact of music on the plants as most graceful, which may not be very popular with scientists. Studies on this subject are relatively too sparse. Many scientific studies proved no effect of music created by the plants on other plants, irrespective of the genre. But passionate people kept their scientific competencies by conducting their studies to find the answers to most objections.

Musical reflections

One of the gospel singers who performed in churches and funeral ceremonies enrolled to study the plants and music. A book of hers, The Sound of Music, was published that became famous, quoting the music by the plants and its effects on the other plants. Research errors and implications on several other works may fail to prove this myth is an imperfect science. Still, many plant lovers owe thanks to the beautiful musical observation to the lush of happy times.

Though plants might not have reached the top billboard musical lists, they make a sound not only to communicate with humans but also to begin the kind of nature symphony like the gentle rustling leaves of a tree, trembling flowers or loud noises from bursting of ripe fruit and many more. Plants are artistic folks leaning towards happiness.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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