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Healthcare Startup Partners With Swiss Specialty Pharmacy to Improve Lives Through AI

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, (2021, April 27). Healthcare Startup Partners With Swiss Specialty Pharmacy to Improve Lives Through AI. Psychreg on Health & Medicine.
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Swiss healthcare startup Vtuls, which uses AI and machine learning technologies to remotely monitor vital signs, has signed an agreement with Switzerland’s leading chronic disease specialty pharmacy, MediService for groundbreaking cooperation in serving home care patients.

The partnership will see Vtuls’ Remote Patient Monitoring solution deployed on the MediService network within the framework of a trial, allowing nurses and physicians to remotely monitor their patients with an improved home care service.

Vtuls’ solution tracks key vital signs, including blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate to monitor overall patient health status. The platform has been strategically designed to be easy to use by elderly or vulnerable people and delivers accurate vital signs readings by a patient simply looking into his or her smartphone’s built-in camera for 40 seconds. Results are stored and delivered to physicians via the purpose-built Vtuls mobile app.
MediService, a company of the Galenica Group, will pilot Vtuls’ technology across its network, giving healthcare providers new tools to effectively and efficiently monitor patients with severe medical conditions in the home environment. This technology minimises the need for unnecessary and potentially risky hospital consultations. Providers will also be empowered to make smarter decisions regarding the need for future medication and treatment by tracking the rate of deterioration to anticipate future needs.

Dr Robert Kelly, chief medical officer at Vtuls said: ‘Two major concerns have arisen during the pandemic for chronic disease specialists. The first is that a significant percentage of COVID-19 infections are transmitted in hospital environments, so it’s hugely important that, where possible, we can keep unnecessary hospital visits to a minimum. The second concern is the burden that the crisis has put on healthcare providers, with waiting lists lengthening and significantly reduced resources available.’

‘The clear solution to both issues is to improve the home care model. Our AI-supported, connected homecare not only ensures patients remain well cared for at home, but it also reduces the resources required and substantially lowers the cost of monitoring. It’s also more efficient and the data easier to track. We are delighted to be partnering with MediService, the leading healthcare provider in Switzerland. Together, we look forward to transforming home care.’

While home care is widely understood to be much more effective than hospital treatment for simple medical needs, there remains a notable gap between the infrastructure required in the home environment to effectively monitor patient health and the infrastructure that most people have available and accessible to them.

Vtuls offers real-time information reporting to enable healthcare providers to prescribe, adjust, or cease medication as required. Data is relayed directly to physicians which can be analysed without the need for an in-person visit. Doctors can then send any necessary prescriptions to MediService’s mail order pharmacy to deliver to the patient’s residence.

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