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Survey Reveals Skin Changes Cause Shocking Loss of Confidence in 65% of Menopausal Women

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A recent study conducted by the Skin Health Alliance reveals that menopausal skin changes are having a shocking impact on every aspect of women’s daily lives and confidence. 43% of menopausal women believe they have become less attractive, 28% no longer like looking in the mirror and 22% feel stressed and/or depressed by the changes happening to their skin.

Menopause affects everyone differently, some people may experience no symptoms whilst others will suffer with a combination. The hormonal shifts triggered by menopause can result in a wide array of symptoms, both psychological and physical, including noticeable changes to the skin.

Our skin’s appearance plays an important role in our confidence and a saddening 65% of menopausal women report feeling less confident in their skin and appearance since turning 40. The study reveals how common menopausal skin complaints are, with a huge 96% of women stating they had experienced skin changes during the menopause. The most common changes are wrinkles and fine lines (53%), thinner and drier skin (48%) and drooping or sagging skin (47%).

The survey also highlights a lack of knowledge on how best to look after changing skin. Nearly half (46%) of the menopausal women had not changed their skincare routine since hitting menopause and only one quarter of women (24%) reported knowing the ingredients to look for in skincare products to treat menopausal skin.

Dr Mary Sommerlad, consultant dermatologist, explained: ‘This lack of awareness is harrowing given how common it is for the menopause to have a debilitating impact on self esteem. It is imperative that Dermatologists and skincare brands work together to ensure women over 40 have access to evidence based, good quality resources on the hormonal shift in the skin, how this affects the skin and how skincare can support. Furthermore, women need to be empowered to feel comfortable in seeking skincare and medical advice in order to remove the distress that this natural transition in life can cause. This is why highlighting menopause on Menopause Awareness Day is so vital.’

Skin Health Alliance’s, Eleanor Lloyd, said: ‘Although these statistics are a shocking reflection of the emotional and psychological impact of menopause, it is encouraging to see the conversation open up and more brands making steps to recognise women in this age demographic’s desires. We are increasingly seeing a positive step away from ‘anti-ageing’ and toward embracing ageing with an emphasis on skin health. As the world’s leading, independent skin health authority, we advocate for further knowledge and embracing our skin’s individuality. Understanding our own unique skin needs and the product ingredients best suited to it, allows us all to feel confident in the skin we’re in.’

The Skin Health Alliance is committed to connecting people with access to expert advice and education. Sharing knowledge empowers everyone to feel their most confident in choosing products and ingredients to create a personalised routine and maintain healthy skin.

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