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Survey Reveals Brits Find It Difficult to Speak About Mental Health with Friends

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To some, it might not surprise that many Brits still find it troubling to talk to their friends about their mental health (36%). Additionally, two-fifths (40%) are uncertain how to support their friend with mental health issues.

While 38% of respondents claimed they feel comfortable talking about their mental health to friends and family, this, in turn, reveals that 62% of Brits are not completely at ease about broaching the topic.

Nearly half (49%) claim they would tell their family and friends they feel ‘fine’, even if they’re struggling. The study also revealed that females spot symptoms of mental health-related issues, such as depression, anxiety, and stress, easier than their male counterparts.

In addition, men find it more difficult to talk to their friends about mental health – showing the need to encourage more men to open up.

How can we support friends and family in need of help?

While it’s important to direct your friends and family to a health professional who can support their needs if they are struggling, there are small things we, with close relations, can do to help, too.

thortful’s survey showed the top things people did for their friends and family needing support. They were: 

  • Calling them regularly – 55%
  • Meeting up for a coffee – 42%
  • Going for regular walks – 30%
  • Keeping them in the loop with social events – 29%
  • Helping them find professional support – 21%

While it’s important to look after your friends and encourage them to seek professional help if needed, it’s equally as key to looking after your well-being. 

Over two-fifths (43%) of respondents have admitted to forgetting to care for themselves while caring for their friends and family, which proves we may need some education on how to look after ourselves to the same standard as others.

Commenting on the survey findings, the senior brand manager at thortful, Becky Daniels, says: “At thortful we’re all about being thoughtful to others and being open about our feelings, whether it’s joy, sadness, or everything in between. The survey reveals we can still break the mental health stigma, but we hope these numbers and tips offer insight and help to anyone needing it.”

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