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Current Surrogacy Laws in Ukraine

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Over recent years, hundreds of couples around the world have started choosing Ukraine as a destination for finding surrogate mothers. In this country, you will find top IVF international clinics, like IVF Group.

In other popular countries for surrogacy, it was banned. For example, it is now prohibited in some Asian countries, whereas in Ukraine surrogacy law still allows it. Moreover, Ukrainian surrogacy services are much more affordable than those in other countries.

Commercial surrogacy law in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country where commercial surrogacy is allowed. This means paying a surrogate mother for her service instead of simply covering only necessary medical expenses. This type of surrogacy is banned in some countries, in the UK among others. And this is why British people choose Ukraine for finding a surrogate mother.

This is how surrogacy works in Ukraine

  • Having a baby with the help of surrogate mothers is only allowed for heterosexual couples. The intended parents have to be legally married as well;
  • The pricing ranges depending on the procedures involved and whether there is a need for a donor egg. Nevertheless, compared with international IVF costs, the prices in Ukraine are still considerably more affordable than in other places;
  • If an egg needs to be received from a donor, the identity of this person will remain unknown. Neither future parents nor a surrogate will know who the donor is;
  • There are strict surrogacy laws in Ukraine for surrogate mothers as well. Any woman who wants to become a surrogate will have to be at least 18 years old. She also needs to have at least one baby of her own.

There are a number of benefits in Ukrainian surrogacy services

  • In Ukraine, surrogacy law keeps the process strictly regulated and provides protection for both parents and a surrogate;
  • While international IVF success rates vary a lot, Ukrainian rates are one of the highest you can find right now. The estimated rates can range from a 40% to 60% chance of successful treatment;
  • One of the most important factors is IVF international costs. The prices for surrogacy and IVF services in Ukraine are more affordable than in the US, the UK and other countries;
  • Ukraine provides services comparable to the best IVF international practices, and this medical field is improving with each year. Choosing a Ukrainian clinic will guarantee you a high-quality service and some of the best professionals in the world.

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