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Surrogacy Around the World: Georgia and Ukraine

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Infertility treatment, which is becoming more and more popular, needs to be thoughtfully considered beforehand. One of the most questionable requests is “Where to pass the infertility programme?” and “Which country is better for infertility treatment?”. 

Since surrogacy treatment is considered to be the most popular type of assisted reproductive technology, we will talk about surrogacy and places for such a treatment in this article. 

Surrogacy history and popularity

On 25 July 1978, the United Kingdom saw the groundbreaking success of the first-ever childbirth resulting from artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

In 1992, the California State Legislature deemed surrogacy contracts to be legal and not against the public interest.

Ukraine began regulating surrogacy through legislation in 2011. Meanwhile, gestational surrogacy has been legal in Georgia since 1997.

Throughout the 21st century, surrogacy has gained popularity, in part due to an increasing number of successful outcomes. This growth led to the emergence of surrogacy agencies in various countries, which have facilitated the initiation of surrogacy programmes for both surrogate mothers and surrogacy intended parents in socal.

Statistically, approximately 16%–18% of families worldwide struggle with infertility, which hinders their ability to conceive a child. Surrogacy offers a compassionate and effective solution to overcome this challenge. In a surrogacy programme, both parties voluntarily participate. The surrogate mother may receive financial compensation (unless prohibited by law), while the biological parents gain the opportunity to welcome a healthy child into their family.

Surrogacy in Georgia

Georgia Surrogacy has been legislated by the state since 1997. 

To participate in the surrogacy agency programme in Georgia you need to take into account the following aspects: 

  • Intended parents must be officially married
  • Partners in a couple must be heterosexual
  • Official marriage certificate must be available
  • Surrogate and egg donation is legal

As for professional lead-up during the process, please, note that Georgian companies, in most cases, are unable to accompany you to the embassy and during sightseeing due to the high demand. Also, they cannot provide you with translation services during your stay in Georgia.

From the latest legislation changes, baby registration has undergone some changes, so this process has become less easy for both the intended parents and the surrogate. 

In all other aspects, Georgia is considered a good country for surrogacy and infertility treatment. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

Surrogacy in Ukraine was officially legislated in 2011. 

However, in spite of this, the surrogacy process is fully stable and reliable from the side of officials. 

The surrogacy programme in Ukraine includes the following aspects: 

  • Official marriage of the Intended parents
  •  Heterosexual pair for the Surrogacy
  • Genetic connection with the child (at least one person of the pair)
  • Sperm or Egg donation possibility
  • Obligate absence of genetic connection between the surrogate and the baby she carries

Surrogacy programmes in Ukraine are especially known for the highest level of services provided by clinics.

ADONIS Fertility, for example, provides the full cycle treatment process with additional nonmedical support even after the end of the medical programme. 

According to your request, Adonis can propose the following services:

  • Translation services
  • Legal services (own legal department)
  • Maternity School (own prenatal care division)
  • Surrogate selection (own database)
  • Egg/sperm donors (own database)
  • USA Headquarter (for international clients’ consultation)


Each surrogacy journey is unique and carefully considered, taking into account the individual circumstances, personal preferences, and budgetary constraints of the intended parents. Professionals in the field work diligently to ensure that the surrogacy process aligns with the needs and desires of all parties involved.

When exploring surrogacy options, it is crucial to thoroughly compare and evaluate the various possibilities, ultimately selecting the one that best suits your specific situation. Trust in the guidance of experienced professionals who are committed to helping you navigate this life-changing journey.

Surrogacy, when approached with care and understanding, can be a profoundly beautiful and rewarding experience for all parties involved. Embrace this life-altering decision as a means to create a brighter, more fulfilling future filled with the joy and happiness that comes from expanding your family. Let the surrogacy journey be a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love in overcoming adversity.

Jordan Wayne, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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