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Surrogacy Agency: Your Best Supporter on the Way

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Family building can pose significant challenges for those facing infertility. But the option of surrogacy has revolutionised the process, making conception more accessible and affordable for many. 

Surrogacy agencies play a vital role in this journey, offering many options and services that cater to the diverse needs of Intended parents.

Let’s explore Surrogacy agencies and the services they offer to streamline the entire process for all parties involved, including Surrogates and Intended parents.

Surrogacy agency role

A surrogacy agency is a specialised organisation dedicated to facilitating the surrogacy process. These agencies serve as intermediaries between Intended parents and Surrogates, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the journey.

Assisted reproduction clinics have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of services, seamlessly combining the expertise of a qualified medical establishment with the support of a Surrogacy agency. This integration aims to enhance the experience of families navigating infertility by providing a holistic approach to Fertility treatment.

One notable example is Adonis Fertility International (https://adonisfertilityintl.com), which exemplifies this approach. They offer the highest quality assisted reproduction services, together with their own donor and surrogate base, legal department, logistic support and access to fully equipped maternity hospitals.

Surrogacy agency services

Surrogacy agency services are often tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of both Intended parents and Surrogates. These agencies work diligently to ensure that the process is as smooth and supportive as possible for everyone involved.

Surrogacy agencies services may include the following: 

  • Matching. Matching with a surrogate is typically done by connecting intended parents with compatible surrogates based on their preferences and compatibility factors.
  • Screening. Conducting thorough screening procedures for both intended parents and surrogates to ensure they meet the necessary legal, medical, and psychological criteria.
  • Legal guidance. Providing legal assistance to navigate the complex legal aspects of surrogacy agreements, including drafting contracts and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations, especially in the US.
  • Medical coordination. Coordinating all medical appointments, procedures, and fertility treatments for both Intended parents and Surrogates.
  • Emotional support and care. Emotional support and counselling are provided to intended parents and surrogates throughout the surrogacy journey, addressing any concerns or challenges that may arise.

Adonis Fertility International Surrogacy

Adonis Fertility International, a globally recognised medical centre, stands out with its comprehensive services, supported by its own technological infrastructure. 

With its dedicated examination laboratory, embryo laboratory, and donor/surrogate database, Adonis ensures that every aspect of the infertility treatment process is handled with precision and care. This in-house capability enhances efficiency and quality of the medical process. 

Adonis Fertility International is all about:

  • 24 years of experience
  • 1000+ Doctors and Skilled Professionals 
  • Full package Surrogacy packages
  • USA Headquarter 
  • California Tissue Bank License 

Final thoughts

When embarking on the surrogacy journey, it’s crucial to have the best support team by your side. A surrogacy agency can be your ultimate ally, offering personalised support, guidance, and services designed to meet the needs of both intended parents and surrogates.

Make your choice for the best future for your children.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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