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Support Each Other as Women: Meet the Wonder Women in Care Sharing Timeless Advice This International Women’s Day 2023

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There are many lessons to be learned and achievements to be celebrated by women worldwide.

To mark International Women’s Day 2023 (8th March), care home residents and carers across the UK have come together to celebrate the ‘Wonder Women In Care’ to share the remarkable achievements of female carers and care home residents across the country.

With an average of 86, Lottie’s care home residents share their lessons with their younger selves to inspire women across the country:

  • Support each other as women, shares Barbara (81)
  • Don’t work so hard, enjoy life, shares Pat (90)
  • Learn as you go along, shares Nancy (89)
  • Don’t get married; be single and free, shares Joan (91)
  • Keep going, never give up, shares Elizabeth (70)
  • Having my two children and granddaughter has been my biggest achievement, shares Ruby (95)

With plenty of life experiences, each resident has shared words of wisdom that will inspire and empower women of all ages.

98-year-old Mary, an Abbey Grange Care Home resident, dedicated many years to fundraising and collecting for Christian Aid. She was personally recognised and awarded for her fundraising commitments by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. Mary’s piece of advice to younger generations is to “never stop learning”.

One key message the residents shared was the importance of supporting each other as women. 81-year-old Barbara, an Abbey Grange Care Home resident, shares: “Love each other, support each other as women”. While Jean (92), a resident at Ferrars Hall Care Home believes: “Be kind to yourself and others. Make others happy and treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Our residents also shared the importance of staying true to yourself and never giving up on your dreams. The Rose Lodge Care Home resident, 70-year-old Elizabeth, recently achieved her goal of swimming half a mile and said to “keep going and never give up.”

Will Donnelly, care expert and co-founder at Lottie shares the importance of learning from older generations: “It’s amazing to hear the inspiring and heartwarming advice and tips older generations have to share with their younger selves. Many lessons can be learnt from older adults, and their advice is as relevant today as it was when they were young.”

“Listening to the advice of older adults can also promote respect for older generations and remind them of special moments and achievements in their life. It's important to remember that older adults have decades of wisdom and life lessons we can all learn from – no matter what stage we are at.”

“On this International Women’s Day, it is important to celebrate the wisdom and experience of women of all ages.”

As the world comes together for International Women’s Day this week, we wanted to champion the wonderful women working tirelessly in care, beginning with Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Birkin Lodge Care Home, Elizabeth Penman-Green.

One resident at Birkin Lodge dreamed of writing a book for her grandchildren. Elizabeth spent hours working with the resident to create a book, Lucy And The Bear, so they could share it with their grandchildren.

Elizabeth wanted to make this experience as special as possible for the resident and put a shout-out on social media to try and get the book published. She has an extensive list of contacts, and one day she got a message from a publisher offering to publish the book for free.

Elizabeth sent the story to the publishers, and they loved it. The book is now published and is listed on Amazon. She is planning a George Ezra-themed birthday party for one of our residents who will turn 98 in June.

The lady is a huge fan of George Ezra, and when asked by Elizabeth if George Ezra knocked on her door, what would she do? Her response was, “give him a kiss”.

Jo Tenwick, home manager at Birkin Lodge Care Home, has shared: “Elizabeth Penman-Green is a true wonder woman in care, and we appreciate everything she does for our home.”

“She goes above and beyond to support all the residents in our home and ensures every activity she organises engages residents and is tailored to their interests. Elizabeth is dedicated to elevating the lives of all residents at our home and has already made such a positive impact in the past six months.”

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