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Some Ways to Support and Reach Out to Others During this COVID-19 Pandemic

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Helping someone is undoubtedly one of the best things we can all do on this journey of life. Considering the coronavirus outbreak, won’t it be nice if we can all join forces and help those who are at the forefront of this crisis? I remember sitting in my living room on the day Boris Johnson was making an announcement regarding the complete lockdown of the UK. It felt like I had an awfully bad nightmare. I pondered in silence and disbelief. 

I watched how the nation came together and clap for our carers every Thursday, I saw Sir Captain Tom Moore 100th birthday walk raised funds for the NHS, and I got so motivated to do something as well. 

I went ahead to design a ‘thank you’ tee to raise some funds for our keyworkers because they have been crucial for us all during this pandemic. All proceeds from the sale of this design will be forwarded to any organisation of your choice such they can get a meal or a drink while on duty or purchase some masks and gloves. If you would like to support me on this campaign, you can purchase a t-shirt for yourself  or for your little one.

During this pandemic, teachers have ensured our kids were supported, the NHS clinical staffs looked after our sick relatives and friends while the non-clinical support the smooth running of the hospitals from the cleaners, posters, etc. 

The post office kept delivering our letters, the shops guaranteed we have online slots to order food such we do not starve to death and the police maintained the social distancing regulations set out by the Government. 

The most important thing to reach out and support other people in our community is by giving back. The people in need are not just those who demand care and attention from us as you will see below.

Types of people in need

  • Those people who need our support because they cannot afford or help themselves – like those in an orphanage, nursing home, hospital, and many more.
  • Those who depend on others for whatever they want even then they have complete resources to fulfil their needs. Our keyworkers will fall under this category because they can fulfil their needs, but they would like us to take care of ourselves in order to reduce the spread and possible hospital admissions from this virus.

How to support people in need

Sometimes our little help can make a great difference for those who are in need. Therefore, do not hesitate to bring a smile to a sad face. The world needs your support. Do your part and pay it forward. Some ways to help people in need are.

  • Visit some places in your town (after the pandemic).  Wear your mask and visit different areas of your town, talk to people, and help people to increase their quality of life. Don’t harm their self-esteem and provide them with whatever they need. We are more familiar with our surroundings, so we know better what people will need around us.
  • Support with basic needs. You can help others by providing some basic needs, like clothes, shoes, and many other things. Provide them with what they need in the hours of sadness. If they need just a shoulder to cry, offer a virtual hug and let them know you would be there for them. 
  • Paying it forward. You can start a campaign like myself to raise some funds for charity. Giving back does not mean you have it all, but it simply means you’re grateful for what you’ve got and are happy to put a smile on someone else’s face as this brings inner joy and happiness.  
  • Run or walk for a course. You can decide to do a walk for charity like Sir Captain Tom Moore and pass around a donation box in your college, academy, even in university. Make this a weekly practice after every week, open the box, and send the money to those in need.
  • Reach out to the homeless. We see a lot of homeless people in our streets. We can offer a bottle of water, a cup of a hot drink or even some snacks. 
  • Give attention. Some people just need your affection. They attempt different stupidities to gain your attention just like a child who weeps again and again after their meal; then, it means that (s)he wants something from his/her parent. We can help that person by spending our little time with them. Your little act of kindness can bring happiness to someone’s face. 
  • Make a new friend. You can make friends with people who are not in your age group, and hang out with people who speak a different language or from a different culture because it will help you to grow and see the world from another person’s perspective. It is not difficult for us to find these people. We can find them by looking out in our friend’s group. Some of our fellow classmates, colleagues or neighbours might also need our help, but they cannot say, so it is our moral responsibility to move towards them and offer some help.

Final thoughts

As a human being, it will be nice if we can all find those in need in our surroundings and reach out to them accordingly. I have shared some of the best ways to find and help those who are in need. Helping someone is the best thing that we as a nation can do right now. So, give people what they need, and your small help will change someone’s life.

Hope you would be able to join me on this campaign to reach out and support others during this COVID-19 pandemic by purchasing a t-shirt or two. You can decide to have the tee delivered to your home address or your chosen keyworker.


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