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Supplements to Keep Your Mind Sharp and Healthy

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Whether or not brain supplements work has been a subject of debate over time. The answer is yes. They do work. Like the body needs supplementary support depending on the work it has been subjected to, so does the brain. Get your supplements from trusted sources, where they are tested, and get the right ingredients for your mind. The brain is very crucial. Here is what to look out for.

Vitamin E

You can get this from nuts, seeds, and even vegetable oils. It is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals that would otherwise damage brain cells. It also slows down Alzheimer’s in people who have the condition.

Omega 3

Boost your brain with Omega-3. It is useful for people with the APOE4 gene mutation and Alzheimer’s condition. It has been attributed to a lower risk of dementia in the Mediterranean, where the primary diet includes fish rich in omega-3. Experts at SupplementFirst.com  recommend a daily dose of Omega-3 for elderly, professional adults, and university students. Omega is also widely used in kids to promote their mental health.


Resveratrol supplements prevent deterioration of memory and improve brain function. It is an antioxidant that would be found naturally from the skin of fruits like grapes and raspberries. Also in peanuts and chocolate.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B can reduce the high risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by breaking down homocysteine, which would be hazardous to the brain when at high levels.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 will leave you in a healthy mood, improve your cognitive function, cardiovascular action, immune response, and overall function. With Vitamin D3, you will experience graceful growth.


Curcumin will boost your mental strength and keep you thinking fast. It is an ingredient in curry powder, which is taken widely in India, and as it is seen, India has relatively low cases of Alzheimer’s condition. A study done on 40 people showed that people that took curcumin had better memory tests and had less build-up of abnormal proteins in their brains. Curcumin will give you that desired boost.


Check out for CDP-choline, especially if you are struggling with memory problems. It will boost your brain activity, and you are guaranteed to remember a lot more than you forget. You must get it from sources that you can count on.


S-Adenosyl Methionine to antidepressants prescription will help make a go through to people who were previously not responding to therapy. It will reduce the decline in brain function while enhancing the effect of antidepressants on those under such medication. It occurs naturally in the body and is used in a chemical reaction to make and breakdown proteins, fats, and hormones.


DHA facilitates nerve cells to make functional connections and supports memory and cognition. DHA and EPA build up the functioning and structure of cell membranes. They are a long chain of omega-3 fatty acids that play a renowned and significant role in brain development.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a traditional Chinese herb that improves the action of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter system, leading to memory retrieval and better storage.


L-theanine stimulates the production of inhibitory relaxing neuro-submitters. It has a relaxing effect. This supplement will leave you feeling a lot more relaxed and will help you tame your anxiety. The results are heightened when combined with caffeine, which is equally suitable for the brain.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects neurons. It activates and deactivates enzymes in the brain. It also charges up cerebrospinal fluid involved in nerve growth.


Methyl groups (-CH3) are crucial for a wide range of brain functions. They promote a healthy mood and brain health. This is all you need to stay active and jovial all day.

Folic acids

Folic acid helps the baby’s brain and spinal cord to develop healthily. Vitamins are responsible for the baby’s growth, and taking folic acid will reduce the risk of congenital disabilities. Prenatal supplements would usually contain biotin, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and B. These nutrient supplements will wade off nutrient deficiencies that can be common during pregnancies. Have a professional guide you with the accessories to consider taking and the dosage.


In most cases, these supplements will not be sold with just a single supplement but will be a combination. With proper guidance, you can get the mix that optimally suits your supplementary needs. If you have prescription drugs to take along, engage your doctor so that they can advise you whether or not your supplements would pose a risky reaction with your medications. Safety first.

Final thoughts

Indeed, our brains need our support just as much as the body. Supplements that provide the mind with the necessary inputs to boost its ability to work and recall and the speed at which to execute this are highly recommendable and input as part of the diet as early as possible. At the same time, adopt a healthy lifestyle for overall mental health.

James Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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