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How to Know Your Superpowers

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We each have a superpower or two. These are things we do almost effortlessly, that may be very difficult for others to do. Our gifts make each of us unique. When we recognise, honour and utilise them, we feel fulfilled. 

Hundreds of self-help books are based on the notion that we all need to get better at something. And many of us struggle to improve in areas where we are challenged.  But we really don’t need to be fixed. We are each perfect (including our flaws) just as we are. We need to love ourselves and recognise our gifts, as well as our limitations, without judgement.

When was the last time you focused on doing things that capitalise on your superpower? When was the last time you let someone else (with different gifts) take on a task that challenges you?

How to identify your superpowers?

Let’s focus on identifying our superpowers. What comes easily to you? What makes you feel special when you do it? Do you excel at finding efficiency in space, time or budget? Or visualising a different world, a new invention, or a work of art?

Are you at your best when public speaking, engaging a small group or listening? Do people remark at your ability to network socially? Or how well you empathise with others? Can you magically pull together a dinner party for 10?

These things are almost impossible for some – if you can do them well, they may view you as a superhero and you may not even know it.

Are you using your superpowers?

We feel drained and uninspired when we’re not using our natural gifts.  We can also feel this way when we’re trying to bring superpowers to the table that we just don’t have. We must take care not to judge ourselves when this happens. Instead, let’s reassess. Let’s figure out where our own superpowers lie.

And how to leverage our gifts to the benefit of everyone, including ourselves. We struggle if we attempt to be the best at something we’re not suited to.  Being in the wrong role doesn’t make us less amazing and powerful and strong.

Here’s a common example. Talented analysts, project managers, and salespeople are often rewarded for stellar performance in their craft by being promoted to management. These opportunities for advancement are foisted upon them, and then they may flounder or fail. 

This is because this is not what they were doing well. In fact, these people may know nothing about management and may not be suited to it at all. Similarly, many dedicated, willing, energetic volunteers are encouraged to take on leadership positions, or even run for office.  But pursuing those opportunities may not be good for them or the people they serve.

Ask yourself: what are my superpowers? How can I use them more effectively? Can I use my talents daily? What am I doing today that doesn’t fit well with my strengths? How can I realign those aspects of my life? 

Final thoughts

When you think about making a change, consider: will this new situation allow me to better leverage my true gifts?  Will it help me focus my energy and effort on activities that fulfil me and align with my purpose?

Know that we each have our own unique set of magical superpowers. Figure out yours and seek every opportunity to use them.  They make you who you are. And we are all so much more than enough.


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Joan Senio is a mental health blogger who runs My Best Friend Adeline. She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, godmother and aunt. 


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