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3 Summer Skincare Don’ts

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While we prepare for travel, beach days, and summer outings, it’s also important to work on transitioning your skincare routine. 

Dermoi Chief Scientific Officer Eve Casha explains the three things to avoid with summer skincare.

Don’t reach for your regular retinoids or acids

With age, the skin loses a protein called collagen. This loss drastically contributes to skin wrinkling and sagging during the aging process. A great skincare regime uses scientifically studied active ingredients such as retinoids (vitamin A) and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to boost the skin’s natural production of collagen. However, both retinoids and AHAs increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun (photosensitivity) and can increase skin damage and aging as a result of sun exposure.

During the summer months, try replacing retinoids and AHAs with scientifically-proven cosmeceutical technologies. For example, Evenswiss skincare uses patented Dermatopoietin technology to boost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production by producing natural signals from the skin’s surface into the dermis. Such technologies ensure the skin is still regenerating, but cut out any additional sun damage. ​

Don’t skip your SPF ever

Exposure to UV radiation is the leading cause of skin wrinkles and sagging with age. This is because UV radiation (composed of ​ UVA and UVB radiation) causes sun burn, DNA damage, impairments of the skin barrier, trans-epidermal water loss, suppression of the immune system (inflammation), and destruction of collagen. In addition, sunlight also exposes the skin to visible light, which causes oxidative damage, and infrared radiation (IRR), which damages the skin through heat.

As our exposure to sunlight dramatically increases during the summer months, protecting the skin against these elements on a daily basis is essential! It is recommended to invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen that is designed to protect against UVA and UVB radiation, as well as visible light and IRR. Heliocare 360° created a range of SPF products for the face and body that do just this. ​

Don’t use rich moisturisers after sun exposure

One of the biggest skincare mistakes made after sun exposure is using rich, highly occlusive, oil-based/petrolatum-based hydrators directly after sun exposure. ​ This is because when the skin is exposed to the sun, infrared radiation (IRR) generates heat which damages the skin. Trapping this heat into the skin with rich hydrators, can amplify this damage.

Following sun exposure, the skin should be cleansed with a mild, non-foaming, pH balanced cleanser. Then, a water based (oil-in water emulsion) hydrator can be applied as this will allow heat to escape. Slightly richer products with a higher oil content can provide relief to dehydrated skin after the skin is calm and cool. ​ In all stages, products that containing ​ anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as vitamin E or bisabolol are helpful in reducing skin damage. Codex Beauty Antu Brightening Serum recharges your skin with antioxidants and targets inflammation. It also increases hydration in the skin and decreases transepidermal water loss, ideal after a day in the sun.

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