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Summer Holidays: Infidelity Does not Take Days Off

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Ah, the holidays! The sun, the warmth, the light and the cocktails by the sea … A context that stirs everyone’s desires and temptations. While some couples do not survive the summer period (Around 1 in 10 couples according to a UK study), for others, it’s an opportunity to be unfaithful.

Gleeden, the European leader in extramarital encounters, with more than 4.3 million members, surveyed more than 7,000 of its members to find out how many had given in to the temptation of adultery during their summer holidays.

Many have experienced summer flirtation, holiday romance, a passionate fling that lasted for a summer. But contrary to popular belief, these short loves are not the exclusive prerogative of young or single people: 91% of members surveyed by Gleeden admit to having already fantasised about someone other than their partner during their holidays.

23% of cheaters have already deceived their partner during family holidays

A fantasy, but not just a fantasy! 67% of interviewees said they had succumbed to temptation during their holidays. More than half (52%) took advantage of a holiday with friends to safely have a relationship while others allowed themselves a few solo days to escape their spouse’s supervision (18%). But that’s not all. Almost a quarter of the interviewees (23%) admit to being unfaithful while on holidays with their partner!

Holidays: a boom time for cheaters

But why are there so many people so unfaithful as to have an affair during their holidays? It would appear to be for reasons that are quite pragmatic. Indeed, for the majority of them (66%), an affair during the holidays is simply an affair that is easier to conceal: no direct proximity, partners often come from foreign countries and they will not meet again. In other words, circumstances that are extremely opportune for people having affairs. 19% also admit that the holiday environment is more conducive to encounters and that opportunities are more numerous. Finally, 12% of Gleeden members choose to go on holidays because relationships on holidays are often fleeting, there is less attachment and less expectation from the partner. Pleasure yes, but commitment no way!

Cheating on holidays, an evening fling?

For the majority of surveyed unfaithful people (42%), a summer romance ends at the end of the holidays or even after a single night of passion (31%). Yet more than a quarter of surveyed members had extended their holidays by several months to remain in the arms of their lover (27%). And for 8% of them, the relationship lasted more than a year!

No doubt, holidays are a real playground for the unfaithful who do not hesitate to cheat in close proximity to their partners. And they would be wrong to deprive themselves of it. Only 11% reveal they have already been caught. Summer will be hot!

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