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Volunteer Sue Henwood – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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Sue Henwood lives near Saint Francis Hospice in the idyllic Havering-atte-Bower. Everyone at the Hospice fondly knows her as the eBay queen. Sue volunteers at Retail Head Office in Harold Hill, where she values, photographs and lists items donated by the public on their eBay store.

Approaching 70 years old, Sue has proved that age is no barrier to volunteering or embracing technology. She relishes the chance of mixing with people of all different ages and backgrounds in the office. ‘I’ve made lots of new friends, the atmosphere in both the office and Hospice is wonderful. There’s no other place like it,’ she revealed. 

‘Volunteering gives me a real sense of purpose, and it’s a terrific cause. The Hospice needs us, without volunteers, it simply wouldn’t survive,’ Sue added. 

Sue’s ninth year of volunteering came to a halt when the PM advised everyone her age and beyond to self-isolate. She promised that she’ll return to help make up for the loss of funds they’ve experienced since the COVID-19 forced them to close their retail stores temporarily. They can’t wait to welcome back their very own eBay Queen.

You can also make a difference to the lives of people living with life-limiting illnesses by volunteering. They need people to do all kinds of jobs. If you’d like to find out more, then they love to hear from you at volunteering@sfh.org.uk or on 01708 758614.

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