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Study Reveals 3 Types of Wellness Tourists: Retreats, Enthusiasts, and Connectors

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In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, the wellness tourism industry in Phuket, Thailand, has seen significant changes. A recent study, published in the International Journal of Spa and Wellness, provides valuable insights into the motivational factors driving international wellness tourists to the region. The study, which surveyed 464 international tourists between December 2022 and January 2023, offers a comprehensive segmentation of the wellness tourism market based on travel motivations.

Wellness tourism, distinct from medical tourism, focuses on enhancing overall physical, mental, and spiritual health through preventive measures. This niche market has gained momentum, especially post-Covid, as travellers seek holistic health experiences in less crowded and more sustainable destinations.

The study utilised factor analysis to identify six primary motivational factors among wellness tourists: “healthy diet, mindfulness, and learning about wellness”, “movement and fitness”, “rest and relaxation”, “escape and mental healing”, “socialisation”, and “outdoor activities”. These factors highlight the diverse reasons individuals pursue wellness tourism, ranging from personal health improvement to social interaction and outdoor engagement.

Through cluster analysis, the researchers identified three distinct segments within the wellness tourism market:

  1. Serene retreat seekers. This group, representing 10% of the sample, prioritises “escape and mental healing” and “rest and relaxation”. These tourists seek tranquility and a break from their daily routines, valuing serene and quiet environments. Marketing strategies targeting this segment should focus on promoting secluded retreats, meditation sessions, and relaxation-focused spa treatments.
  2. Wellness enthusiasts. Accounting for 41% of the respondents, this cluster places high importance on “healthy diet, mindfulness, and learning about wellness”. These individuals are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are interested in mindfulness practices and wellness education. Wellness packages for this segment could include personalised diet plans, mindfulness retreats, and workshops on various wellness topics.
  3. Connectivity enthusiasts. The largest segment, making up 49% of the sample, is motivated by “socialisation” and “movement and fitness”. These tourists are drawn to opportunities for social interaction and physical activities. They are likely to appreciate group fitness classes, communal dining experiences, and networking events as part of their wellness tourism experience.

The study also revealed significant sociodemographic differences among the three clusters. For example, serene retreat seekers are often younger, with a preference for shorter stays and moderate income levels. Wellness enthusiasts tend to have higher income levels and longer stays, while connectivity enthusiasts are typically middle-aged males from Europe and Australia, with longer stays and higher income brackets.

The findings from this study have practical implications for destination management and marketing strategies in Phuket. By understanding the distinct motivations and profiles of wellness tourists, tourism providers can tailor their offerings to meet the specific needs of each segment. For instance, promoting tranquil and secluded environments to Serene Retreat Seekers, offering comprehensive wellness programmes to wellness enthusiasts, and organising social and fitness activities for Connectivity Enthusiasts can enhance visitor satisfaction and drive repeat visits.

The study underscores the importance of adaptability in marketing strategies in the post-Covid era. Wellness tourism providers must be responsive to changing preferences, such as the increased demand for safety measures and the preference for less crowded destinations.

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