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Strong Mind Becomes the Strong Foundation of a Country

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While sitting ideal, often various thoughts and questions strike my mind. One was assessments, now you must be in a dilemma about what kind of assessments he is talking about.

Well, let me not just break it in front of you that quickly. I have seen multiple situations where a student, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc. have been saying things that, ‘Oh this mistake happened because I was not in my senses,’ or ‘Hey, my mind wasn’t in right place,’ the reason being I failed to do so. And I was giving examples of people who have excelled in their fields.

So, the purpose was to make you understand that no matter what, or how great you are in your area of work but it is always important to be mentally stable and healthy.

Another example from our day-to-day life is that a student is always bound to clear exams to move on to the next standard. The exam basically is the criteria to see that is the kid capable or smart enough to cope up with the education that he is going to consume. In short, are they ready?

Similarly, wherever there are elections for presidency or vice-presidency, why don’t we conduct similar exams or assessments? Not in context to their knowledge but to see whether they are mentally strong to handle the issues of a whole country.

To take responsibility theoretically and to take responsibility practically are in my opinion different scenarios. We all are aware that to run a country it is the foremost thing that the mental health of the leader stays fit.

I believe that there must be time-to-time health assessments to keep a note of the mental health of the people running the government. And you all will agree with me that for being physically fit it is mandatory to stay mentally fit.

One classic example to make my point strong is Ronald Reagan who was the 40th president of the U.S. Now he was the president who survived his assassination even after getting hit with a gunshot, he recovered although his left lung got punctured and the rib got cracked. Later on, it was announced by him that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Contemporary instances can be of Joe Biden, many questions were raised after his triumph in the election of the US. Age is just a number and I agree with it but not when it is about taking authority. Here I am not at all saying that an aged person is not capable of taking the power but with the growing age, the brain starts functioning differently. 

Amendments are required in the political system; therefore psychologists must be approached to conduct such routine tests. It is not at all shameful to perform them this will lead to awareness even in the common people. Citizens won’t take it as a taboo and will give it a new shape. Nonetheless, there is no harm in staying healthy both physically and mentally.

Professor Nabhit Kapur is the founder of Peacful Mind Foundation. You can connect with him on Twitter @nabhit_kapur.

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