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A Stroke of Luck’s 12-Week Online Stroke-Specific Exercise Programme Enjoys Record-breaking Success

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UK charity A Stroke of Luck recently collaborated with the Stroke Association to create a highly successful and impactful series of exercise videos for stroke survivors to follow from the comfort and safety of their homes during the COVID-19 crisis.

As the current pandemic is causing significant challenges to the lives of people across the world, it’s only natural that depression and anxiety levels have been spiking, especially among those recovering from a stroke. As a result of this global tragedy, stroke survivors have seen their rehabilitation and recovery adversely affected and have been left thinking: ‘What next?’

A Stroke of Luck and the Stroke Association both recognise the positive impact exercise can have on stroke recovery. Along with the help of A Stroke of Luck’s committed experts, the two charities united to launch a 12-week exercise programme tailored to help stroke survivors continue their recovery journey from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Following the recent launch of the final week, the level of engagement has exceeded all expectations.

Craig Pankhurst, founder and CEO of A Stroke of Luck, said: ‘When I approached the Stroke Association earlier this year at the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that we needed to provide a solution for survivors. We brought together a team of expert neuro physiotherapists and created a 12-week programme, catering for a wide spectrum of survivors using our red, amber, and green classification, which correspond with stroke survivors’ different ability levels.

‘On launching the videos in August, we hoped they would have a positive impact. What we didn’t forecast was the thousands and thousands of survivors across the globe who would engage with, use and benefit from the resources we created. We are overwhelmed by the incredible response, and are actively exploring the opportunity to create a second 12-week series.’

With World Stroke Day on 29th October 2020, A Stroke of Luck will be hosting a live session on their social media profiles, along with plenty of other social activity. The charity has also been running a series of ‘Friday Live Sessions’ since May 2020, where Craig interviews guests such as Michael Lynagh AM and Megan Giglia MBE, as well as other inspirational stroke survivors and charities supporting stroke survivors.

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