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How Can Stress Cause Depression Over Time

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Stress causes mental health issues such as depression, and this is what mental health professionals often call as the ‘stress process‘. This varies between different events that may cause the mental health issue that an individual is experiencing. Stress process come in three parts such as sources, manifestations, and mediators.

The source of stress is a particular situation that may have triggered the stress itself. The mediators are those who are consistently causing stress over the person (for instance, bullying or a painful injury, or illness). Lastly, the manifestations are what are being shown to the individual as stressful, such as a poor lifestyle or the inability to earn enough money. When individuals are exposed to these, the stress may accumulate over time and may develop certain problems on the brain’s activity.

Clinical depression may occur during the stress process and may continue to persist in an individuals mind over time. The depression caused by stress can vary a lot. Some individuals may think that they can’t do anything right because stressful events keep on coming into their lives.

Some may even feel like they are the cause of the stress itself due to their constant experience over stressful manifestations and mediators. The others may feel like they need to commit acts that may affect not just their lives, but some people near them. These are known as chronic stressors and are a must to observe in order to prevent its development into clinical depression.

The role of social environment

The social environment that a person dwells in may be a leading factor in causing the chronic stressors. One notable example of this is toxic family members that you’re forced to deal with every day in your own home. Another example is economic hardship which can be seen among countries that have a huge number of low-income families.

Social environment may also cause stress depending on the characteristics of the person’s social role. Household responsibilities, especially if that family member is causing  high expenses for the house, is known to be a leading cause of chronic stressor, which is often combined with the pressure to work hard and earn more money just to support the whole family.

Some people who are committing to a leader’s position such as managers and certain business owners often need stress management tips to avoid depression. Gladly, some of them can afford, and are currently undergoing innovative therapy in order to receive the right mental health treatment despite their busy schedule.

Innovative therapies

The help of innovative therapies is excellent in controlling those chronic stressors in order to deal with the solutions rather than remembering the stressful events and other entities as time passes by. Good thing that the finest therapists in services are making ways to provide the finest innovative therapy through the use of the more flexible online chat service which includes video calls and real time messaging to ensure the perfect means of receiving the right assurance that everything will be alright.

Final thoughts

Stress should never affect one’s way of thinking, as these are only temporary as long as someone finds a way to resolve it. Gladly, licensed therapists are expertly providing the right treatment that you deserve if you can’t handle stress alone.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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