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Stress Awareness Month: Risk Management Software Provider Alleviates UK Healthcare Workers of Excessive Time Spent on Admin

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To coincide with Stress Awareness Month, Radar Healthcare reveals how it has been able to reduce the amount of time employees working in high pressure health and social care settings are spending on time-consuming administrative tasks.

92% of trusts told NHS Providers they had concerns about staff wellbeing, stress and burnout following Covid pandemic.

Administration is one of the key tasks of a healthcare worker and keeping up can be extremely stressful and time-consuming- particularly in fast-paced and hectic healthcare environments that have experienced significant changes regarding the regulatory landscapes over recent years. 

By implementing the bespoke risk management software offerings provided by Radar Healthcare, customers of the company have reported that healthcare workers in settings have been able to save up to 80% of the time traditional admin jobs used to take to complete to focus on the more important elements of their roles. 

Radar Healthcare also emphasises the importance of highlighting the positive work carried out in organisations to boost employee morale. Logging compliments can provide a greater visibility of all the good things about service delivery and will offer reassurance to patients, residents and loved ones that they are experiencing the highest quality of care. 

One Radar Healthcare customer from ECL said: ‘By streamlining the compliments logging process, the number of compliments logged rose from 9 per year to 1,500 per year! Being able to communicate this level of engagement from our service users has had a hugely positive effect on morale and encouraged our team to always strive for better performance.’

One worker fromThistle Healthcare, an organisation benefitting from Radar Healthcare’s pioneering software, said: ‘It would typically have taken two to three days per month for us work through all the data for each care home with information spread across around 300 emails, but we can now gather and analyse all that data in less than a day which has allowed more time for us to focus on service support and the delivery of care.’

While workers will have previously spent a huge amount of time reviewing and analysing quality and compliance data for events such as accidents, incidents, or clinical data around wounds and medication errors, Radar Healthcare has been able to significantly alleviate the daily administrative pressures faced by those working in the care sector: ‘Our evolution of health and safety and quality wouldn’t have happened without Radar Healthcare. We haven’t grown our team, yet we’re doing about 60% more than we’ve ever done before thanks to the software.’

Customer case studies detailing how the software has benefited a plethora of different organisations operating in the healthcare industry can be found here.

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