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Giant Strengths Can Become Source of Great Weaknesses

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Sometimes things flip completely in this fast-pacing world of dynamics; apparently the strengths turning quickly into weaknesses. Imagine the map of the world sketched upside down. This seems quite similar to the assumptions about your characteristics. Big thoughts are toppled by seemingly smaller and weaker thoughts. This holds true in the environments which is more or less fixed. But the landscape where the world actually lives in is far from unchanging. Here is the illustration essential to understand the strengths that become the weaknesses.

Rethink and scan

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (also known as SWOT), are in reality, must be examined for scanning the plans for dynamic work and reconstruct the capabilities and deficiencies. Risks are hardened to core rigidities that may become obstacles to new endeavours. In the Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew Grove, he says that success of any company for its being top in management is its rigidness. So, when wrong people lead the organisation, it inevitably leads to the changes.

Challenging factors

To challenge the new ventures, variety of strategies should be adopted. Staying focused on the business and education is an open and free access to appeal the people having trouble. So to start any innovation, focus on the weaknesses that must be pondered upon with all the factors in consideration.

Strategic approach

It is never difficult and impossible to frame your strengths with a strategic planning. Each one must practice to argue the strengths to the threats and face the competitions. This is an eye opener to bolster the weaknesses. A famous book by historian depicts the strategies of a better soldier as the one who has the ability to oppose the ideas in the mind while still retaining the ability to function. So, one must think crucially to fill in the blind spot.

Smart people do dumb things

People who are smart and successful often use their strengths to point out others weaknesses. It is most common in the individuals who make decisions and tend to believe in luck. Here are two personalities: First is Former President Bill Clinton. He is excellent in seducing people- it may be teasing to some. But as a sexual innuendo, I want to look at it in a general term. He is enticing for few and despicable to others. However, few changed their minds. He is a phenomenal man sensing what it takes to convince someone. He possesses an incredible aura. Unfortunately, he also used his power for evil like his inappropriate relationships with women.  So in a way, his strength became a weakness.

Second is Daniel Goldin. An administrator of NASA is experienced by many as a person with dexterous ability to have strategic vision, clever enough to empower the strengths. Daily a new idea in the organisation frustrated many of his co-workers judging him as the worst manager firing others. His style of working was incredibly good. But was discriminated apparently resulting in no recognition of the good in him.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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