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When It’s Summer, Flaunt a Straw Fedora – The Style Guide for Men

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Some people consider the straw Fedora as the polarizing style accessory. However, the hat, with its chic appeal and classic look, is versatile. No wonder celebrities like Johnny Depp would disagree with a popular opinion as they have sported the hat frequently. The hat is classy, edgy, funky, and also looks modest. It represents an iconic style and can jazz up a simple outfit. 

For men who want to add a certain poise to their summer look while keeping their sartorial self-respect can opt-in for the men’s straw fedora. Most men would fall in love with the breathable, lightweight and comfortable hat that oozes a certain elegance. The hat secures your eyes and face from the scorching sun’s rays in terms of the benefits. Also, you can select from the vast colour options and limitless variations. But if you are looking for ways to style the straw Fedora, you have chanced upon the correct article. Here we present you with a style guide for men that will help you to sport your straw Fedora with style and ease. 

How to wear the straw Fedora?

Other than providing the comfort to sport it under the sun, the straw Fedoras for men offer a customized style sense making use of different colours. The woven texture and the brim size also play an essential role. The latest fashion statement for men are giving way to floral Bermuda shorts, mid-wash denim, and comfortable tailoring. Hence, today you have the scope to pair all these style options with the suitable straw fedora. You can choose from the following options:

  • If you want to sport a high-end straw weave and classic contours, you can opt-in for the Tuscany straw Fedora hat that comes with a 2-inch brim. You can avail this hat in cream or tan shade, and is popular for its impressive craftsmanship and durability. In terms of the outfit, you can pair it with slacks and a silk camp shirt. You can even choose a button-down shirt, blazer, chinos, which will look incredible. Is your face heart, oval or triangle-shaped? If yes, this hat will suit you correctly. However, if your face is square-shaped, you might have to slant it to make your face look slim and focus on the eyes slightly. 
  • If you want to sport a classic and conservative vibe, you should opt-in for the Milan straw Fedora, which has a brim that’s slightly more than 2-inches. It has a teardrop crown and a stiff shell and comes with a chinstrap and sleek leather band. You can get it in shades like black, tan, and cream. If you are heading to a summer wedding, you can wear it to sport a relaxed look. You can also wear it when you are at a golf course. If you have an oblong face, this hat is best for you. The wide brim can counterbalance the vertical lines and looks stunning on most men. 
  • If you want to stay protected against the sun, you can opt-in for the Panama Fedoras that has a three- and a half–inch brim and is known for its breathable crown. This hat gets made from Panama Toquilla straw and gets treated with Teflon to repel against water. The hatmakers design and manufacture it with care. This hat will look good on you if you have a triangular, square, oval, and oblong face shape. Men can sport it with slacks, jeans as well as swim boots. 
  • The other alternative that men can choose is the Florence straw Fedora that comes with a three- and half-inch brim. The hat gets designed in the sophisticated Panama variation. You can avail this hat in three variants: Hazelwood, tan, and cream, and it’s known for its classy look. You can sport this hat at an outdoor wedding or a beach party. The hat perfectly complements an oval or oblong face. 
  • Some men want to sport a straw fedora with the brim up or down. And for this, the Panama Flip Fedora is the best option. The hat provides men with slightly more edge through its up-turned three-and-a-half-inch brim and indented crown. This hat is apt for the ones who love to dress differently. Hence, no wonder it is popular amongst musicians, artists, and photographers. They can sport the hat according to their mood and attire. You can sport the hat by giving it a minimal tilt and have a carefree and chic look. Men can pair this hat with almost any summer outfit that makes them look good. The hat is both charismatic and versatile and suits most men. 

Today, you can come across the men’s online hatmakers who will provide you with the stylish and comfortable straw Fedora variants for summer. You can select the one you like depending on your style, preference, and budget. So, go ahead and sport your straw Fedora for the summer. 

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