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How to Help Someone to Stop Drinking Alcohol 

Alicia Saville

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It is very difficult to stop drinking when the individual becomes psychologically and physically addictive to the substance. It is rightly said that an addicted person only stops addiction when he is ready. Many people realise the potential disadvantages of addiction. They want to join the social stream as a normal person, but emotions hijack their reason. Alcohol addiction treatment can help you to achieve the desired goal. Moreover, you should know how to help the drinker. 

Communicate with the concerned person 

You want a friend or family to get rid of drinking? Communication with the concerned person is a first step to help them. It might be an unpleasant conversation, but you should begin it politely. Take into deliberation a suitable situation to intervene. You clear the first stage of the mission if your loved ones listen to you and respond positively. 

Try to figure out the causes of addiction 

Depression and anxiety are the leading reason for alcohol addiction. However, what is the core cause that triggered depression? It could be a business failure, breakup, fewer marks in exams, etc. Make them comfortable to talk and try to know the hidden factor. Now, you may take the preventive steps accordingly. 

Inform them of the horrible consequences of addiction 

Addiction gives birth to several fatal diseases. It is taking the lives of millions of people every year worldwide. Equip yourself with knowledge and prove to them how addiction can damage their lives. You should have concrete examples and scientific knowledge to satisfy the drinker. 

Do not use harsh words 

Counselling should be your priority. Ultimatum would cause more aggression and stress. Choose your words carefully before you spit them out. Words have enough power to change one’s mind or hurt him. You may also take the guidance of professional to talk with the drinker. 

Do not lower the drinker’s self-esteem 

Drinker needs family support to walk on the road of life as a good person. However, many family members commit blunders, and they pass shame or judgement that do more damage instead of good. We know that fever, HIV, and cough are diseases. Similarly, alcoholism is also a disease. There are many ways to address the disease. The family should let the drinker realise the importance of normal life.

Contact a person who already stopped drinking 

Do you know a person who already stopped drinking? Yes. Take help from this person. It is not necessary that his techniques would work for everyone. However, it could be beneficial in the end. He may tell you a good rehab center and natural techniques to say goodbye the addiction. 

Help your Loved ones financially 

Many addicted persons could not leave the drinking habit due to financial problem. Addiction treatment requires money, but they do not have enough capital. Saving one’s life is a noble deed, so lend your helping hand and help him financially. Loved one could return money after ending addiction. The digital world is flooded with beneficial information. Study the available literature for knowledge and utilise it for the well-being of your friend or family.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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