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5 Steps to Beat Burnout and Reclaim Your Energy During Stress Awareness Day

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More Brits than ever are overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling to cope – and women are suffering the most. This Stress Awareness Day on 2nd November, life design and career coach Selina Barker, shares five simple steps to help reclaim your energy and thrive, no matter how busy life gets.

People everywhere are burning out. According to a recent Kalms survey, 87% of Brits have felt stressed, unmotivated, and exhausted over the past two years, with many accepting such symptoms as their ‘new normal’. 

Unsurprisingly, women (68%) are at greater risk of burnout than men (58%) due to juggling careers and an increased expectation to fulfil domestic duties.

Burnout was described by the World Health Organization in 2019 as an ‘occupational phenomenon’, conceptualised from chronic workplace stress. But it’s not just in the workplace that we can experience burnout. It can hit us where we don’t expect it – in social settings, job hunting, and even our relationships.

Selina Barker, a life design and career change coach, podcast host and author of Burnt Out, comments: ‘Burnout is a state of feeling emotional, physically and mentally exhausted, as a result of excessive and prolonged stress.’

‘It is our body’s signalling an energy crisis, and something has to change. When we reach this point of exhaustion, we can feel like we can no longer cope with our daily responsibilities, struggle to focus, lose compassion for others and switch off or sleep at night.’

Often, people experiencing burnout feel like there’s no escape. But, according to Selina: ‘Thankfully, burnout is not a fixed state of being. By identifying what has been causing you to burnout and learning how to manage your energy and design your day so that you can thrive, you can break free from burnout and become more energised, calmer, and more fulfilled than ever before.’

Sharing her tips on reducing burnout symptoms, Selina comments: ‘Managing burnout begins with reclaiming your energy levels, so you can not only feel good in yourself but can create the life you truly deserve. I recommend my clients try a range of different strategies that I know will help them feel more motivated. Incorporating just a few of these into your daily routines will help to restore a sense of calmness and tackle the symptoms experienced by burnout.’

  • Learn how to manage your energy and design your day so that you feel energised, calm, and focused throughout. Start doing something that energises you and sets you up for the day; take a 10-minute break every 90 minutes to recharge your batteries, and in the evening, do things that help you unwind and release the stress of the day to lift your spirits.
  • Use exercise to recharge. Whether it’s a daily walk around the block or a 30-minute HIIT class, exercise comes in all shapes and sizes. Exercising can act as a restorative activity and boost feel-good hormones if you feel physically, mentally, or emotionally drained.
  • Try an adaptogen to help regulate stress and make you feel more alert throughout the day. Kalms Rhodiola is made from Rhodiola rosea, a powerful herb that can help your body and brain process stress more effectively. Studies have shown that one tablet twice a day of Rhodiola rosea can help fight fatigue and boost energy levels. It enhances our ability to concentrate, maintain focus, and promote a positive mood.
  • Discover techniques and habits that help you to calm down when you are starting to go into an urgent, panicked, or stressed-out state. Things that can help you calm down include going for a walk, calling a friend, exercising, and meditating. Experiment and find the things that work for you and always have them in your back pocket when you need them.
  • Turn down the volume of your inner critic and start turning up the volume of your inner cheerleader. You will increase your happiness, self-esteem, and confidence when you love and believe in yourself and support yourself the way you would a friend or partner.

Kalms Rhodiola Tablets offer relief from stress, exhaustion, and fatigue – common symptoms associated with burnout. Known for its adaptogen properties, research suggests Rhodiola rosea is an effective stimulant that can help to regulate the body’s stress hormones and relieve symptoms associated with burnout. 

Studies have shown that taking one tablet of Rhodiola rosea twice a day can help fight fatigue and restore energy levels, and increases our resistance to stress by balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain without lowering blood sugar levels, which enhances our ability to concentrate, maintain focus, and promotes a positive mood.

Kalms Rhodiola is available to purchase from Boots, supermarkets, pharmacies nationwide and online retailers such as Amazon, Superdrug or directly here

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