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A Step by Step Guide to Marriage Counselling

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If you’re looking for effective marriage counselling in Perth, Energetics Institute is a family-run practice that uses personalised counselling to treat individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

Relationships require hard work, and maintaining a healthy marriage demands much more than just love. It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of marriages end in divorce. While many couples are simply incompatible, other marriages require the proper resources to maintain a healthier relationship and navigate their issues.

Marriage counselling can be an excellent tool for those experiencing these issues in marriage and relationships. Whether you’re a new couple adjusting to marriage or a couple trying to navigate challenging marital problems, couples counselling experts in Perth can help you face conflicts and build a more fulfilling relationship.

What is marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling, also known as couples therapy, allows marriage counsellors to help couples with their problems and work on solutions. Marriage counselling can be a safe space for couples to have productive, meaningful conversations instead of fighting or negative communication.

Who should seek marriage counselling?

Every relationship comes with its own unique challenges. Couples, regardless of their relationship, can seek marriage counselling or couples therapy. Counselling for marriage or couples can be beneficial for anyone, from those looking to get married to others that have been married for years. 

If you’re looking for marriage counselling in Perth, Energetics Institute provides a range of quality and cost-effective psychotherapy and counselling services designed to help you overcome personal and relationship struggles.

What happens in marriage counselling?

The marriage counselling process is most effective when both partners are present at the sessions. Being present allows the marriage counsellor to understand your dynamic and offer the appropriate tools for better communication and understanding. However, if you are going to counselling without your partner for any reason, these sessions could still be incredibly beneficial for learning more about yourself and your relationship.

It is common for marriage counselling sessions to include intense emotions and crying. These sessions provide a validating space where you can share your intimate feelings and learn strategies on how to work on your communication skills. 

Many people seek counselling for a specific problem, so couples marriage counselling is usually short-term. In addition, your marriage counsellor may provide you with homework or new strategies to use to face your problems.    

How does marriage counselling work?

If you’ve never sought counselling, let alone marriage counselling, it can be intimidating to open yourself up to the idea. Marriage counselling works in various ways to allow couples to build happier relationships. 

For starters, marriage counselling works because you and your partner have decided to work on your relationship. It helps that you and your partner are both willing to make changes for the sake of bettering your relationship.

With the help of a marriage counsellor, you and your partner will be able to understand each other better by incorporating an unbiased third party. Your marriage counsellor can help understand each of your feelings and properly diagnose the problem, providing solutions to help improve your relationship.

Couples in marriage counselling can benefit from direct guidance and support from counsellors. Counsellors help create a safe environment where couples can communicate their thoughts and feelings. The emotionally safe environment, productive conversations, and personalised strategies allow couples to heal and connect much deeper. 

Like anything else, marriage and relationships aren’t always easy. Learning to communicate and listen better in your relationship is essential. Confronting your relationship issues in a supportive and safe environment can allow couples to open up, connect, and grow. 

For effective and affordable marriage counselling in Perth, call Energetics Institute at 0414 897024 today.

Signs you and your spouse might need marriage counselling

Arguments and fights are part of a long-term, monogamous, committed relationship. However, regardless of your differences, disagreements don’t need to end in divorce.

Opting for marriage counselling in Perth, WA, can help you and your partner learn how to communicate better, resolve your issues, and recapture the intimacy your marriage once had.

Though marriage counselling benefits are clear, it might be challenging to determine when to try couples marriage counselling. In this post, we will share ways to know when you need marriage counselling.

When to seek marriage counselling

When you and your spouse have become indifferent

Contrary to what many might think, the opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference. Have you or your spouse got to a point where you no longer care enough to argue or fight? It might be time to consider counselling for marriage.

Indifference also includes:

  • Disinterest in your partner’s life
  • Not desiring to spend time together
  • Not caring when your partner is upset
  • Not caring about your sex life

When most conversations end in fights

Are you and your spouse struggling to get along because most of your conversations result in fights or arguments? This kind of dysfunctional interaction can impact genuine communication. Fortunately, opting for couples counselling services in Perth, WA, can help you and your partner learn more productive communication methods.

When there is a lack of intimacy

It is common for spouses to struggle to maintain the same physical intimacy level after a few years of marriage. However, if you and your spouse are experiencing a complete lack of intimacy, it could be a serious concern that will need the help of a professional to resolve.

When you or your spouse has been unfaithful

Relationship infidelity can be an extremely challenging hurdle to overcome. In most cases, infidelity results from a breakdown in the marriage, either emotionally or sexually. Marriage counselling in Perth, WA, can help you and your spouse identify the reason behind the infidelity, allowing you to start rebuilding trust.

When you are continuously having the same argument

Every relationship has its issues, either caused by the actions of a current partner or emotional baggage from previous relationships. While some problems are solvable with some compromise, others are perpetual and will continue to pop up throughout the relationship.

Seeking marriage therapy can help you and your spouse differentiate between perpetual and solvable issues, learning the skills needed to resolve each.

When your problem-solving methods are no longer working

All couples have ways of solving the issues they come across. Some talk openly about the disagreements, while others repair the rift through sincere apologies or laughter. However, if what you have used to resolve conflict in the past is no longer working, seeking marriage counselling might be a good idea.

Couples counselling in Perth

Using a unique blend of counselling, psychotherapy, and body psychotherapy, Energetics Institute has been helping clients create a new positive reality since 2005. Their effective counselling process is personalised to you and your needs while focusing on building a strong relationship with clients and creating a safe and respectful environment where clients can thrive. 

Their services aim to give you tips to cope and the confidence to move forward. The Energetics Institute offers unique skills and in-depth experience to help you move forward and overcome your personal struggles.

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