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Staying Fit and Healthy at Home: Easy to Follow Tips From the Experts

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Staying fit and healthy entails the need for you to get moving and start exercising. You may associate exercise and workout with the need to go to the gym, but the truth is, you can perform a regular exercise routine even in the comfort of your home. In line with this, below are some of the easy to follow tips from the experts on how you will be able to stay fit and healthy at home.


One of the first things that you need to do for you to ensure that you stay fit and healthy at home is to lay out a plan and give exercise or a workout routine a priority in your plan. The reason behind this is that you may argue that you don’t have time to exercise with all the things that you need to accomplish during the day, including your household chores. However, sometimes, it is only a matter of priorities and making time for the things that matter the most, such as exercising to keep your body physically and mentally fit.

Start slow

Another tip from the experts is that for you to be consistent in exercising at home, you need to get off to a slow start. This is to ensure that you don’t lose focus or motivation, which is what is most likely to happen if you try to accomplish a complete and rigorous workout routine at once. The reason behind this is that you may get too tired from it or you may run out of ways on how to challenge yourself each time you get used to a certain routine that you may find no longer challenging.

Remember that you don’t have to love exercising for you to begin doing it. The truth is that you may even struggle to get through it. This is another reason why you need to start slow for you to figure out the kind of routines that work for you, as well as the most appropriate time for you to exercise and vary it accordingly until you find that you are beginning to like it.

In the process of beginning with an exercise routine at home, make sure to be kind to yourself. You may experience low days wherein you fail to exercise, while there may be good days that allow you to stick to your plan. In this case, don’t punish yourself for the bad days, but rather, work harder during the good days, until you establish the consistency that you need.

Drink lots of water

In terms of starting slowly, you can begin staying fit and healthy by making it a habit to drink lots of water. Every cell of your body needs ample water for it to be able to function properly. For instance, water is important in regulating the temperature of your body, lubricating your joints, protecting your spine, as well as eliminating wastes and toxins in your body. Thus, without sufficient water, you are increasing your risk of developing health issues later in life.

Just keep in mind that every person is different, such that the amount of water that you need to drink may be different from the amount of water that another person needs to consume. Nevertheless, roughly six to eight glasses is a good start. But for a more specific calculation that is tailor-fit to the needs of your body, determine your weight and multiply it by two thirds. The result is the specific amount of water that you need to take in daily.

In case you are struggling with drinking plenty of water throughout the day, perhaps because you tend to get so busy, then it is a good idea to have a flask or a water bottle within your reach each time. This will remind you to drink from time to time. Alongside this, it is also a good idea to skip sugary drinks, and rather, have a glass of water with every meal that you eat. Make sure to drink water when you workout too.

Stand up and move

When you work from home, there are instances wherein you get so caught up in front of your computer, that you forget to stand up and move. In this case, make sure to set up an alarm that will remind you to stand up from time to time. Remember that sitting for a long period can not only cause back pain, but it can also lead to some serious health problems in the long run such as ailments in your cardiovascular system.

Set up a gym area

It can be quite difficult to work out from home without a dedicated space that you can use to exercise. In this case, there is also the option for you to make your gym with GarageGymPower wherein you will be able to customize a gym set up that is appropriate for your specific needs. This means getting only the gym equipment that you need. Otherwise, you can also work with the things that you have at home such as using filled water bottles as weights. The important thing is that you allot a specific area in your home where you will be able to exercise and work out, even if it is just at the side of your bed.

Revamp your workout routine

Another tip to be consistent in exercising is to revamp your workout routine from time to time as necessary. This is specifically important when you feel like the routines that you are performing are already becoming too easy for you, or simply when you get tired of doing the same set of exercises daily. For instance, if you are already dreading the first day of the week for your exercise routine because it involves working out your legs with dumbbells, then why not try to do something different instead such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

There is also the option for you to keep your exercise routines short and sharp from time to time. This is because a variety doesn’t only mean changing up your routine, by modifying the duration of your workout sessions as well. This is particularly beneficial during the days when you are pressed for time, but you still want to get some exercise done.

Otherwise, you can also add resistance and balance training, which is particularly helpful as you get older. This is because when you age, you start losing some of your muscle mass, such that resistance training can help slow down this loss. In the same manner, your balance is also affected as you get older too, such that balance challenges and aerobic exercises are some good additions to the usual workout routine you have been used to.

Leverage technology

There are now several technological innovations that you can use to help you stay fit and healthy at home. To begin with, you can play online workout videos on your smartphone that you can follow at your own pace. You can also download apps that can provide you with certain metrics and analytic reports regarding your health, guiding you on what exercises you need to perform, how much sleep you need to get, as well as how much calories you need to take in and burn. There is also the option for you to invest in smart fitness watches and other gadgets that can help you monitor your progress further.

Add more fibre in your diet

Staying fit and healthy is not only constrained in exercising, but it also encompasses the kind and amount of food that you take in. In line with this, it will be a good idea to add more fibre to your diet. This means consuming more fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, and trying to avoid processed foods. Fruits and vegetables contain more water too, and your body tends to absorb the water from these fruits and vegetables more slowly, allowing the water to stay in your body longer. However, if you find it hard to eat fruits and vegetables, particularly because you are not accustomed to their taste or texture, try adding them to your smoothies.

Don’t forget a self-care routine

Aside from taking care of your physical body to stay fit and healthy, you also need to focus on your mental and emotional health as well. Thus, make sure to remember indulging in a self-care routine that you can consistently adhere to. If you feel good mentally and emotionally, the positive energy will radiate physically. In this case, you will be able to function much better.

However, people tend to get so busy and stressed out daily because of all the things that need to be accomplished. Thus, they also forget how important it is to take a break and relax their mind. Some of the ways that you can incorporate a self-care routine every day include getting more sleep. Yes, put down your phone or turn it off if you have to, particularly if it is already time for bed so that you will be able to get more sleep instead of mindlessly scrolling down your social media news feed.

You can also try to read a paperback book or write in a journal to destress and relax. Otherwise, take some time to indulge in a warm bubble bath while you enjoy a good cup of tea or a glass of wine, or while listening to your favourite song. These are only some of the ways wherein you will be able to ease your stress even if you are at home.

Make all of the above a habit

Finally, exert the extra effort to do all the things mentioned above a habit. Remember that consistency is the key to staying fit and healthy for a long time, even if you are mostly at home. In this case, push yourself to get through exercising, drinking water, being more conscious of what you eat, and adhering to your self-care routine for at least 22 days. This is because according to psychology experts, it takes 22 days to form a habit. Once you get through this, doing all of the things that you need to do to stay fit and healthy will come naturally.

There may be instances wherein you will not be able to rely on your willpower. It is in these instances wherein you need to find an inspiration or a purpose. For instance, you want to be able to adopt a new dog, but you need to have the energy to keep up with their activity and energy level. In this case, getting a new dog becomes your goal of getting fit.

Having a reward waiting for you when you reach your target can also motivate you to strive to achieve your goals. For instance, have a scoop of ice cream when you lose a pound or buy a new dress when you shed off an inch on your waistline. Go ahead and indulge in some chips on Friday night after consistently drinking the amount of water that you need in a week.

You can also consider following a four-day rule. In this rule, you should not let four days elapse between your workout sessions. This will help you in forming a habit out of exercising. You can implement this in your self-care routine as well wherein you should not let four days pass without having some time for yourself.

While going to the gym may give you some motivation to keep exercising, there is no need for you to cease working out in case you fail to visit the gym. This is because, according to fitness experts and enthusiasts, you can exercise and work out at home to stay fit and healthy. The tips above are only some of the most valuable ideas that you can try and practice. For sure there are lots more that you can discover, but the most important thing is that you exert the extra effort to stay fit and healthy even if you are just at home.

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