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Why Is It Difficult to Stay Positive?

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It’s easy to argue that talking about positivity is simple, but putting it into practice is difficult. Staying optimistic appears challenging because we tend to act in specific ways in certain situations. For example, when we sense a problem approaching, we panic rather than staying calm and giving ourselves time to reflect and plan a strategy to deal with the situation.

In moments of uncertainty, on the other hand, we can hold on and behave appropriately. The most likely reason for our inability to remain positive in challenging situations is that staying calm and positive in situations we have little control over takes a lot of practice. And the majority of us are entirely unaware of how our minds work.

Whether you think of life as a roller coaster or a box of chocolates, we can all agree that, while it has its great moments, there are times when hope seems a long way off. We should be open to more opportunities for adjustment and improvement during those difficult times. Hard times, like happy times, come and go.

However, there are several things we can do to make them more bearable. The following are some important points that we should be aware of.

  • We are unappreciative of what we already have. Gratitude can be a powerful cure to sadness and negativity. It’s also been established that practicing gratitude can rewire your brain over time, increasing your happiness levels. Therefore we can keep a gratitude journal.
  • We become upset over the same thing multiple times, but we don’t get excited about the same thing twice.
  • Don’t make happiness a goal; we put so much effort into being cheerful when necessary. Positivity, like negativity, may put you under a lot of stress.
  • We must determine whether the problem is real or only a product of our minds. Most of the time, the issues we perceive are only in our heads. The more time we spend worrying about the difficulties, the deeper we sink into the negativity vortex.
  • We cannot always control things, but we can certainly control our reactions to them and, as a result, take control of how we feel.
  • Maintain an open mind and a broad viewpoint.
  • Surround yourself with people you care about.

At some point, we’ve all said something along the lines of ‘Why is this happening to me?’ ‘Why is this happening for me?’ is a better alternative. Life is what it is. This one word has the power to shift your viewpoint on the problems you’re dealing with.

We can live a healthy lifestyle, which includes getting enough sleep, exercising, meditating, having vacations, being surrounded by loved ones, and spreading happiness, among other things.

Bhawna Mehlawat is a researcher and writer from India.



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