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How to Stay Positive Amid Health Complications

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The COVID-19 is the latest pandemic that has permeated our lives to an extent the joy and quality of life we experienced has massively declined. This is a global pandemic that’s why its effect on the health sector has been hugely felt. There are numerous people silently battling various health situations such as diabetes, STDs, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Staying positive amid these health situations and some other stressors that life throws at us everyday might be so difficult. However, there’s always a way to gain some positivity and see life from a different perspective.  It could be a co-worker motivating you to brave the storm, a caring husband always talking about the positive vibes or just a friend with similar experiences encouraging you to stay strong.

Here are some ways you can stay positive if faced with health related conditions.

Love yourself

Suppose you have just undergone an STD testing, waited for the results but unfortunately, your results come out positive. Well, it may feel like the whole world is crashing down on you and loving yourself is one of the last things on your mind. Here’s the truth, convince yourself that to error is human and pick up your life from there.

On other occasions, you might be undergoing different health conditions. Maybe you feel the healthcare professionals are too much, so you need time for yourself. Scheduling a spa day might not be a bad idea after all. You need to take care of your emotional health and some little soothing and pampering at the spa will go a long way in stabilizing the emotional you.

Get involved in some mild exercises

Obesity, cardiovascular diseases and other heart health conditions might be as a result of not exercising completely. After undergoing some treatment, say you have recovered from a CPR procedure the first thing on your mind is never to travel that route again. At this point, you need to sweat it out. Get the blood pumping through your body and the endorphins running through your body.

Mild exercise such as light jogging will get you feeling positive and healthy, and not sick and frail. Exercise is a great way to regain that positive energy and get you feeling healthier again.

Try meditation

When faced with these situations, you need to reconnect with the inner you. Scheduling some yoga and meditation classes would help you learn how to reconnect with your inner self. If attending classes is a strain with your health condition, get a friend or family to take you through some meditation with the numerous apps available online.

Write down your progress

It might not be all the time you will jot down how you feel, but it’s you who understand yourself better. For a speedy recovery, take account of any physical changes and let your doctor know how you are progressing. Any major changes in the way you feel should be communicated to your doctor in good time for decisions to be made.


Staying positive amidst health complications can be quite difficult. However, with the tips shared above, you can feel better in no time and get back to your daily activities. 

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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