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New Statistics on England’s Social Care Workforce Published

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NHS Digital has today published its latest annual report on the local authority-employed adult social care workforce in England.

Personal Social Services: Staff of Social Services Departments, England 2019 covers the 113,300 workers employed by local authorities in adult social care services – accounting for approximately 6.9% of the total adult social care workforce in England.

Information in the report includes:

  • The number of local authority adult social care jobs by job role and employer type
  • The proportion of jobs with zero-hour contracts, by job role group
  • The average number of hours per week which are worked by adult social care staff within local authorities
  • Demographic data such as gender, age, ethnicity and pay
  • Average number of sick days taken by adult social care staff in local authorities
  • The report does not include information on staff employed in the independent sector (private and voluntary) or children’s social services departments (published separately by the Department for Education). 


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