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Latest Statistics on Staff at Independent Healthcare Providers Released

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Information about employees of Independent Healthcare Providers (IHPs) in England has been published today by NHS Digital.

Independent Healthcare Provider Workforce Statistics, September 2019 contains experimental data about staff at a range of independent healthcare organisations, as of 30th September 2019.

The publication includes figures broken down by staff group, characteristics of the workforce, and by organisation.

The number of Independent Healthcare Providers submitting valid data to the collection has increased from 41 in September 2015 to 59 in September 2019. The publication includes both staff providing NHS-commissioned services and those providing private healthcare services. However, because not all IHPs are submitting data, this publication does not cover all staff working across this sector.

Also, published today is the latest NHS Vacancy Statistics compendium publication.

NHS Vacancy Statistics England February 2015 – December 2019 includes an Excel file containing information collected by NHS England and NHS Improvement related to vacancies and vacancy rates within the NHS.

This data is based on the number of vacancies at the end of each quarter. Provider vacancies and vacancy rates are published at an aggregate national, regional and sector level.

High-level information from job advertisements published on NHS Jobs, the main recruitment website for the NHS, is also included in this publication. Detailed data from NHS Jobs is published in a CSV file.

This information is a proxy data source for NHS vacancies and therefore should be treated with caution because it represents a count of advertised vacancy full-time equivalents from NHS Jobs, so does not provide a complete picture of vacancies across the NHS.

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