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Carl Sachs

Motivation and State of Flow – What Can We Do to Achieve Our Goals

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It’s that time of the year where we set on achieving our New Year’s resolutions. It is always thrilling to start the year with ambitious plans and high hopes. 

However, the motivation with which we start our year doesn’t forever last long. Some lose momentum, some are fighting their own laziness. 

Most of us don’t end up fulfilling the promises we made, but still accomplishing enough to be content with life. It often happens because our plans require a lot of motivation and adamancy to reach its fruition.

There are perhaps a few factors involved which impact the fulfilment of our resolutions. For example, mental and physical health, finance, uncertainties, and lack of inner strength. While we don’t have control over uncertainties, we have power over our internal voice that helps us go head-high through life.

Last year, I was juggling with a job and academics. It was my goal to excel both in my professional and personal life. The start of the year was quite energetic and ridden with high hopes. However, with time my motivation and dreams started to fade away. I began to lose focus on my work and began to procrastinate. 

Soon enough, I realized that I was not achieving my state of flow. State of flow occurs when people are in an optimum state of productivity and enjoyment. It is when your mind is entirely focused on the task at hand, and the vision in the back of your mind. No distractions whatsoever.

However, reaching a state of maximum productivity and enjoyment is seldom easy. The more you can master the necessary self-control, the more natural it will be for you to get ‘in the zone’. There are several ways to raise your chances of getting in a state of flow. 

  • Make sure you aren’t over-exhausting yourself and that you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep-deprived people are more likely to be less productive and more lethargic.
  • Hunger or dehydration can make you feel cloudy and uncomfortable. Your brain needs the necessary nutrients to function at full capacity. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and consume healthy food in between your study or work breaks.
  • It is essential to cut off your distractions when you are trying to get into a state of flow. Whether you’re working in a messy workspace, have a constantly beeping cell phone, or you’re working in a crowded room, make sure you eliminate everything that could distract you.

The state of flow also has to your neurotransmitters as well. Nowadays, people have started using nootropics to get over their tardiness and lack of focus. Nootropics are substances that improve your mental functions. 

When I began using Modafinil, I experienced a surge of freshness and productivity in my life. Modafinil is a nootropic that is also known as a smart drug consumed to enhance cognitive ability. It significantly improved my mood and helped to increase my focus. Modafinil is not a stimulant but acts as a promoting agent to trigger mindfulness and wakefulness. Furthermore, it does not make you energised, but rather alert and has no withdrawal symptoms.  

The intake of Modafinil helped me gain my state of flow, and I became more focused on the fulfilment of my goals. I felt last tired and lost, which enabled me to be more adamant to achieve my tasks on time. Of course, my self-control and hard work also played a significant role in my progress.

There were difficult times, but I always had back-up plans that allowed me more opportunity, always coming out a better person than I was before. Sometimes, you got to go through hell before emerging in a place called happiness. I have no regrets because last year I gave it my best.