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St John’s College in Cardiff Creates Dynamic Content for Digital Signage with TrilbyTV

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St John’s College is a leading co-educational independent school in South Wales. The school uses education focused digital signage software TrilbyTV, to share a variety of content; including student successes and achievements, school announcements and event promotions. TrilbyTV’s easy-to-use platform and dynamic content features have made it an invaluable communication tool for the school.

Francis Taylor, assistant head for the admissions and external relations at St John’s College, discusses how the school has used TrilbyTV to transform communication with students, staff, and visitors:  “It has changed our school communication in a huge way, we obviously have a lot of display boards up all around the school but sometimes the content can become old and therefore having digital signage means that we can have dynamic content that’s always changing and always updated.”

Francis discussed how straightforward the platform is to use, sharing how the different features assist in creating dynamic content that’s easily updated. Telling us how TrilbyTV is a great way of displaying specific content tailored to the intended audience. Being able to share announcements with students so that they’re informed about their daily school activities and the ability to share useful information to the wider school community.

This was expanded further, as St John’s College is a Google School, Laura Taylor, Head of the Junior school told us how they have benefited from being able to embed specific content,

In addition to its ease of use, TrilbyTV received praise from the school for its ability to integrate with Google products. “As a Google school it’s really helpful for us to use Google slides to embed on the system,” said Laura Taylor, Head of the Junior School at St John’s. “This means that staff and children can update them with ease.”

TrilbyTV has had a significant impact on communication at St John’s College. The platform has helped to streamline the amount of work that needs to be done, while also making a huge difference in achieving the school’s communication goals. TrilbyTV’s powerful integration with Google for content and also single sign on, has helped strengthen the schools existing technology investments.

It has also been a vital communication initiative within the school, streamlining the amount of work that needs to be done whilst making a huge difference in achieving their communication goals. This has been enabled by putting specific content onto screens showcasing student work, advertising school concerts and events allowing them to celebrate effectively amongst the wider community.

Visual communication has been transformative in the way that school information is shared. Celebrating students’ creations, which gives them a platform to display their work, whilst promoting school events has also made an impact. Thara, a Year 11 student at St John’s college said: “I’ve managed to put out a poster on the screens across the school that promotes our event which I find really useful. More pupils have been excited about it and whenever I see it I feel proud as well.”

Having the ability to put out a mixture of content and displaying different information across your school lets multiple members of staff share the ownership of TrilbyTV. Its simplicity and the ease of use, allows anyone within school to be able to use it. Francis concluded with how TrilbyTV has made a real impact overall,

“For what you get as a solution with unlimited screens and so much functionality. It represents huge value for money and I would encourage any school who’s considering digital signage to take up TrilbyTV and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.”

TrilbyTV is a leading digital signage platform made for education. Their mission is to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion amongst staff and students, whilst enhancing parental engagement. Specifically designed with ease of use and affordability in mind, this makes it a great option for schools of all sizes. TrilbyTV offers a variety of features that make it ideal for whole school communication.

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