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Spilling the Tea of Gossip

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Gossip is everywhere and around all our corners. It may be good or bad, but whatever it is, it may significantly impact our lives. It is not easily removed from our names and maybe forever connected to us. It is not easy to run away from gossip. Everyone gossips, that’s for sure. We have all gossiped at some point.

It is undeniable that gossip has a negative connotation; when we hear this word, it automatically means to us that there is some malicious or juicy news that everyone is talking about. When there is a not-so-good reputation from this word, why do people love to do it all the time at all places?

Gossip means talking about a person, not at the table; it is necessarily a negative matter. As a human, it is inevitable to talk about other people’s business; it is a reality we cannot easily deny. In today’s fact, people are often easily judged.

According to some research, gossip helps our ancestors to survive through bonding. Gossip helps society maintain its function and cultural learning; surprisingly, it can promote cooperation, and for people to gossip, they must feel close to each other.

Gossip can turn into a double-edged sword while doing it, and there’s no denying that it can hurt someone who is the topic of negative gossip. People tend to gossip because of some possible reasons listed:

Gossip as a defence mechanism

It is an uplifting feeling when we feel we are superior to others. When we talk about someone, especially about negative rumours about them, we think they lessen our shortcomings and insecurities.

Gossip as an emotional vent

When the talk of everyone is the one we hate, it is easy for us to share stories and talk about them to let all our emotions be vented.

Gossip for conversation

Gossiping sometimes serves as a pastime to some, the topic of all conservation and becomes the bonding time for people who do not have something to do. It is observed that most of the people who do gossip are the ones who do not have something to do in their lives – people who do not have time to do something productive but rather gossip all the time.

Gossip as an addiction

It is a sweet cover for our failures and the ugliness we carry within. Count the days that you find yourselves engaging on having gossip with someone.

It is a no-brainer that negativity results in negativity. Let us all put into our minds that if we do not have something good to say, it is way more to keep on being quiet we can never take back our words.

Reflect on yourself and the discussion you’ve had. It is better not to cause someone’s negativity – you will feel way better about doing the right thing.

Dina Relojo is the social media manager of Psychreg. She is a high school teacher from the Philippines.


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