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Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life with These Positions

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Lesbian sex offers a world of possibility when it comes to positions and techniques for mutual pleasure and orgasm. While scissoring has become almost synonymous with lesbian sex, the truth is that position is not always the easiest route to orgasm for most women. Expanding your repertoire with these positions can lead to increased intimacy, fun, and those all-important orgasms.

Seated straddle

One woman sits on a couch or chair, while the other straddles her lap facing her. This position allows for close upper body contact and kissing, while hands are free to roam. Grinding your hips in this position can create excellent clitoral stimulation. Having the bottom partner lean back slightly can also help increase contact.

To up the ante, incorporate a vibrator into the mix. One study found that vibration helped 71% of women reach orgasm more quickly.


The 69 position allows each partner to simultaneously give and receive oral sex. While orgasm from oral sex alone can be difficult for some women, the addition of manual stimulation makes this a highly pleasurable position.

One partner lies on her back, while the other straddles her in the opposite direction, aligning their mouths with each other’s genitals. You can also try this on your sides. Adjust angles as needed to avoid neck strain.

Side scissor

This twist on the scissoring position involves both partners lying on their sides, one behind the other. Bend your legs slightly and intertwine your top leg with your partner’s bottom leg.

Rock your hips and bodies together, focusing on consistent contact with the clitoris. Some grinding and rhythm will help build momentum. Reach around with your hands to caress breasts, stimulate nipples, or touch your partner’s clitoris for extra stimulation.

The bridge

This position puts one partner in the driver’s seat. The giving partner lies on her back, knees bent, and feet flat on the bed. The receiving partner then lies on top of her, resting her hips on the giving partner’s centre. Some grinding creates excellent friction.

While the bottom partner lies still, the top partner can control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. This position also leaves the top partner’s hands free to stimulate the clitoris and breasts.

According to research, up to 37% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. So take advantage of accessibility in this position.


This intimate position maximises body contact and eye gazing. Partners lie face-to-face on their sides. One partner slides her leg between the other’s legs, allowing your centres to align and press together.

Wrap your arms and legs around one another and synchronise rhythmic movements. The closeness also makes fingering and nipple stimulation easy additions.

While orgasm may not result from penetration alone, this position fosters the intimacy and connection that many women desire from their sexual experiences.

The lotus

For this position, one partner sits cross-legged, and the other sits in her lap, wrapping her legs around her waist. Partners can wrap their arms around one another and coordinate grinding motions.

This position provides the intimacy of face-to-face contact while leaving room for one partner to manually stimulate the other. To spice things up, incorporate sensual massage or nipple stimulation.

A 2021 study revealed that 32.8% of lesbian women preferred manual stimulation for orgasm. So take advantage of accessibility with this position.

Doggy style

While not just for heterosexual couples, doggy style requires some special considerations for lesbian lovers. The giving partner kneels behind the receiving partner, who gets on all fours.

The giving partner can then use a strap-on dildo for penetration, while reaching around to manually stimulate her partner’s clitoris simultaneously. Doggy-style allows deep penetration while leaving room for manual stimulation.


No list would be complete without the classic scissoring position! To get set up, partners lie on their sides facing each other. Interlock your legs together and align your vulvas.

The key is finding the right angle and rhythm of motion. Be patient, communicate and incorporate clitoral touching to increase arousal. A small vibrator also helps intensify sensation.

While scissoring may have a reputation as the go-to for lesbian sex, studies show most women require some type of direct clitoral stimulation to climax. Be sure to speak up about what feels best.

Mix it up!

While orgasm is often the goal (pun intended), don’t forget the journey. Switching positions builds anticipation and can bring you to new levels of intimacy. Lesbian sex offers a rich landscape of positions to explore and make your own.

Communication, patience and a spirit of playfulness will help you discover which positions work best for your unique desires. Prioritizing pleasure over goal-oriented outcomes creates an environment for amazing sex.

So set aside expectations, tune into your senses, speak your truths and enjoy the delicious possibilities of lesbian lovemaking in all its sensual permutations.

Patricia Smithers is a freelance writer and a relationship coach.

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