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How to Spend Time Outdoors and Improve Mental Health

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Have you ever noticed how easy it is to feel calm and serene when you’re sitting in the great outdoors, surrounded by natural scenery? Getting back into nature can make a huge difference to your emotional state, reducing stress, and improving the way you feel about the world. The trouble is that so many of us spend all of our time indoors. Whether you’re hanging out at home and watching television, or you’re stuck at the office behind a desk, it’s hard to find the time to get outside and soak up all the benefits that the world around you has to offer. Here are some top tips on getting back to nature and improving your wellness. 

Switch to an eBike

Driving everywhere doesn’t allow you to soak up nature in the best way possible. You’re rarely exploring new routes and taking in the scenery when you’re in a car. However, buying an eBike can help you to get back to nature by taking you off the beaten track. You get to look at the world around you at your own pace and find trials that are close to home. An eBike is also an excellent way to get back into exercise if you haven’t been working out for a while. This is your chance to ease yourself into a routine that works for you and your fitness level. Plus, biking is great for people of any age because it puts a limited amount of strain on your joints.

Go outdoors for lunch

If you’re used to sitting in the same café space or breakroom during your lunch break every day, here’s the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Go outside and look for new places to eat each day or bring a lunch with you to the office so you can take a stroll outside and eat while you go. Going for a walk will help to refresh your brain in time for the second part of the day. Don’t just limit your options to lunch breaks either. You could also consider having meetings with clients outside too or taking your long phone calls outdoors if the weather is good enough. Even going on a quick run around the outside of your building every so often when you need a break could make a huge difference. 

Add adventures to your calendar

Finally, if you’re struggling to add time in the great outdoors to your routine, start including these moments in your calendar. Once a month, find a new place to visit and make sure that you go there. You can collect pictures and take journal notes to remind you of the experience. The more you get outside, the more you’ll begin to notice how the environment affects you and the way you feel. You’ll also find that taking these regular trips to locations nearby allows you to find great opportunities to spend more time with the people you love to. Just bring them along, and see what kind of memories you can make together.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg.


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