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Spectrum.Life Redefines Digital Health and Well-Being with Dynamic Rebrand

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Evolving from its roots as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service provider, Spectrum.Life announces its strategic rebranding to a clinically backed digital health, mental health, and well-being solutions provider. This move better reflects the company’s position as the premier digital health partner for those in the insurer, workplace, and education sectors seeking to support their members, employees, and students to thrive.

“We needed a new brand to reflect where we are now – without losing sight of who we are as a company – and one that can grow with us. Our new brand identity represents our evolution into a HealthTech innovator, delivering scalable digital health solutions while remaining true to our founding principles. This shift underscores our commitment to innovation and our relentless pursuit of empowering individuals to flourish. As a second-generation health technology company, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the future of digital health and well-being, prioritising sustainable growth through strategic partnerships built on shared values,” said Stephen Costello, CEO and co-founder of Spectrum.Life.

With a focus on global growth, the company launches a rebrand to align with its current market position and embrace future opportunities.

“Over the past 24 months, we have been rethinking the supply-demand dynamic for healthcare and pushing for a more efficient and effective model. Technology is reshaping care, making it accessible and patient-centered. Our rebrand embraces this shift to holistic digital health, seamlessly integrating technology into daily well-being. We’re leading healthcare into a new era, driving digital transformation with cutting-edge platforms and dedicated AI  teams,” Costello continued.

“As part of our rebranding, we’re excited to unveil several new products and services, including virtual primary care, child and adolescent mental health supports, online neurodiversity assessments, and digital mental health offerings,” said Johnny O’Connell, chief customer officer at Spectrum.Life.

“These additions to our portfolio demonstrate our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients and their employees, ensuring health and mental health support is timely, on-demand, and delivered by experts in the field. Our suite of services will provide first-in-class support for those in need. There is also a new logo and a new strapline, “Full Spectrum Care, For A Full Spectrum Life,” which embody the essence of Spectrum.Life, representing every facet of life with a new look and new feel.”

This year, Spectrum.Life has made substantial investments to boost its clinical credibility, adding expertise at both the board level and within its clinical team. These initiatives underscore the company’s unwavering dedication to providing evidence-based services that prioritise user well-being. In a strategic move to bolster its clinical leadership, Spectrum.Life has appointed Dr Paula Franklin, former global chief medical officer of Bupa Group, as an independent director of the board and chair of the clinical advisory board. Together with a team of eight doctorate-level professionals, Spectrum.Life stands at the forefront of clinical innovation.

“With these exciting changes and advancements, we realised the need for a new brand identity that reflects our current position in the market while staying true to our core values and identity. Our new brand will serve as a symbol of our evolution and growth, enabling us to continue serving our partners and customers as best as we  can,” explained O’Connell.

Spectrum.Life remains steadfast in its mission to empower individuals and organisations to thrive like never before.

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