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Specialist Eye Clinic, Midland Eye, Opens Its Dry Eye Clinic

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Midland Eye, based in Solihull, has a team of ophthalmic experts with specialist expertise in the treatment of dry eyes, which is thought to affect over 43% of the UK population.

Dry eye becomes more common as we age and is essentially due to the fact that our eyelids become less efficient at distributing our tears when we blink.

Usually, when a person blinks, a thin layer of liquid, called the tear film, is spread over the surface of their eye. This film keeps this part of your eye healthy and helps the eye focus properly. However, anything that interferes with the balance of your tear film has the potential to cause dry eyes.

The symptoms range from irritating to horribly uncomfortable and include one’s eyes being itchy, gritty, sore, blurry, or red. You may be sensitive to light, and/or your eyes may be more watery than usual.

The clinic’s specialist team can identify the causes of dry eye and then recommend and implement the best treatment for the patient from a range of cutting-edge options.  

There are a number of key causes of dry eye, including: heavy use of digital devices; living in dry environments; prolonged contact lens wear; dietary deficiency of essential fatty acids; health conditions (diabetes, lupus, arthritis, sjogren syndrome, etc.); medications (antiallergic drugs, beta-blockers, birth control pills, etc.); deficient tear production; and hormonal changes in women.

The team of experts at Midland Eye intimately understands the various causes of dry eye and is dedicated to providing personalised care to address each unique situation. Not only can they identify and mitigate the causes, they can also implement cutting-edge specialist technology, including new techniques that use non-laser treatments to transfer thermal energy to the skin around the eyes, which quickly and safely corrects dry eyes. And for those suffering from meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD (a common cause of dry eye), Midland Eye uses the latest, pain-free approach called IPL (intense pulsed light).

Professor Sunil Shah, Consultant Ophthalmologist and co-founder of Midland Eye, said: “We are only too aware at Midland Eye that dry eye disease can make even simple daily tasks uncomfortable, and we want to help our clients break free from its grip and start enjoying life again. Our tailored treatments can help them rediscover the world with clear, comfortable eyes, and we are very much looking forward to helping many people achieve this goal”.

Midland Eye was founded by four ophthalmic surgeons who wanted to provide patients with a comprehensive, specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of all eye conditions. The team are leaders in their field and offer a consultant-only service to all patients requiring eye care or surgery. Every consultant is qualified to treat common eye conditions such as cataracts, but each one also has a particular area of specialisation, ensuring that patients get the best possible outcome, no matter what the diagnosis. Private patients can benefit from access to collaborative care and facilities with the latest and best technology. The clinic’s approach is designed to be convenient for people who lead busy lives and have limited time to seek medical advice and treatment.

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