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‘RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life’ Reveals Vital New Tools to Unlock Hidden Possibilities in Your Life and Work

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International bestselling author and former Silicon Valley CEO Hilary DeCesare introduces her latest book, RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life. This breakthrough book is drawn from DeCesare’s combined business experience as a quarter of a billion-dollar corporate and entrepreneurial revenue influencer and generator and accredited neuropsychology coach of hundreds of clients.

Introducing a breakthrough for change

In everyday terms and real-life examples, the book presents a guide for readers to release their inner powers by breaking deeply held limiting beliefs. It reveals a simple but breakthrough method of overcoming the pervasive epidemic of trauma, self-doubt, and fear to lead with their heart and reap all the resulting success benefits.

How is this book different?

DeCesare defines and introduces the 3HQ™ Method, an accessible process to delve beyond the vertical approach to self-awareness that traditionally has been limited to intelligence quotient and emotional quotient.

In this book, readers learn to decode and synthesise the most essential and often least understood elementsthe internal trio that drives most people’s thoughts, feelings, and responsesthe heart, head, and higher self.

Enriched with personal anecdotes and nuggets of everyday wisdom, the book provides hands-on tools and interactive techniques that the author has developed throughout many phases of her uniquely successful personal and professional lifeincluding a stint on reality TV as The Secret Millionaire.

About the author

Hilary DeCesare has developed the ‘ReLaunch’ philosophy over two decades of research, study and accreditation with world-leading experts. She hosts The ReLaunch Podcast and The ReLaunch show on Voice America’s Talk Show Network, and guests on numerous leading podcasts and panels. She specialises in inspiring keynotes for media and corporate events. She is based in Colorado with her husband and family.

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