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Spa Day Interest Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels – Here’s What You Need to Know About Spa Etiquette

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Are you planning a trip to your local spa soon but are worried about what to expect or wear? Spa trips are all about relaxation, even in the lead up to you taking your trip. Instead of worrying about what to wear or how to act, you should instead be focussing on the different treatments offered and planning out your personalised, spa experience. 

Over the past few years, the nation has seen spas across the country close their doors during the height of the pandemic. Since then, analysis of Google searches for spa days has returned to pre-pandemic levels after plummeting 87% during the first national lockdown – great news for spas up and down the country as they are starting to see figures recover after a tough few years.  

With spa-goers returning after a long period of lockdowns, it may have easily slipped their minds on what happens at a spa day and how to best prepare. Further analysis of searches reveals the most commonly asked spa questions, including what to wear and what to take on a spa day coming out on top.  

Luckily, Champneys want their visitors to have the best time possible when enjoying a spa day. After all, the plan is that you leave as relaxed as possible. To help ease any worries or concerns, Champneys has shared their guide to spa etiquette to help answer the commonly asked questions ahead of your next spa break. 

Whether you’re a frequent spa-goer, new to the spa world, or simply unsure of a few things, this guide to spa etiquette can help ease you through your spa experience, so that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.   

What should I wear?

When arriving at the spa, Champneys suggest you wear light, comfortable clothing that is easy to slip on and off. When in the spa facilities, you’ll be best served by a comfortable swimming costume, and you’ll be provided with a robe and flip flops. 

For a longer trip, knowing what to pack can depend on what your plans are and how long your trip is, but Champneys always recommends being comfortable before anything. 

Do I have to be naked? 

For some treatments, it may be beneficial to have clothing that can be easily removed or worked around. However, this is entirely up to you. The goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible. Regardless of the reason, you may want to keep certain areas of your body covered – Champneys will work to make sure you can still have the same experience. 

Do I have to talk? 

How your treatment goes is entirely up to you. Depending on the treatment you are having, you may want to have a light conversation with your therapist, or you may want to simply enjoy the silence. All therapists are trained to recognise when someone may want to talk, and when someone simply wants to be left to relax.

Can I use my mobile phone? 

Spas should be places of relaxation, so Champneys says they do everything in their power to make that true of all their locations. Because of this, spa etiquette would be to keep mobile phones hidden and on silent during your visit. 

Now that you have the answers to the most commonly asked spa questions, you’re ready to venture on your next spa break and, at the moment, there’s no better time to do so! Champneys has launched their special Platinum Jubilee Spa stay, with a promise of feeling like royalty from the moment you arive. To celebrate the upcoming Jubilee Weekend in style, visit the Champneys spa deals to find out more. 

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