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South Korea Guide: 10 Best Things to Do in South Korea

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Welcome to Wonderland, aka South Korea, a dazzling country filled with busy markets, buzzing K-pop vibes, rich heritage sites, and, most of all, the most delicious cuisines that you can devour. It isn’t like any ordinary Asian country but a dream for many youngsters and a top travel destination for travellers. And why not? South Korea has everything one could think of! From sky-touching buildings to radiant nightlife, did you think that the place was only famous for “open Gangnam style”? Well, get ready to be proven wrong.

Alert: Read this blog at your own risk, as we’re about to explore some amazing things to do, which might make you look for the best South Korean holiday packages right away.

Witness the city lights at N Seoul Tower

If you are planning to go to South Korea and your itinerary does not include N Seoul Tower, it is totally incomplete. A trip without visiting this tower is no trip, and that is a no-brainer. Situated at the heart of the capital city, this place not only has a great backstory but also gives a wide view of the beautiful city. If you are visiting with your partner, don’t forget to leave love locks along the fence.

Try mouthwatering street food

What is the best way to explore the country’s cuisine? You asked. The vibrant street food culture, we answered! This experience is one that you’ll always remember, and the best part is that you won’t have to break your bank balance. Taste their famous spicy rice cake or crack pancakes if you have a sweet tooth; the streets are filled with local treats. Moreover, almost every shop has tasting samples, which you can try for free.

Finding peace at temples of Busan

Aside from all the vibrant city life, South Korea also offers beautiful temples that you can visit for peace. Beomeosa Temple in Busan is a perfect example that shows traditional Korean architecture and has an amazing atmosphere for meditation and reflection. This temple is situated in the mountain ranges of Geumjeong-san, which means that if you are a mountain baby, this will be heaven.

Relaxing tea at a Buddhist temple

Enjoy a peaceful time by joining a special tea ceremony at a Buddhist temple. This old tradition lets you learn about Korean Buddhist beliefs, where tea helps people find calmness and peace inside. Having a cup of nice-smelling green tea in the quiet atmosphere of the temple gives you a chance to relax and think deeply.

Feel the blissful taste of Korean BBQ

You’ll live in regret if you miss Korean BBQ, especially if you are someone who is visiting the country to try their tongue-melting dishes. Sit around a table with a grill in the middle and enjoy cooking delicious meat like beef, ribs, and pork belly. That’s not it! The staff will also provide side dishes like kimchi and pickled vegetables with the delicious main dish. We promise that this tasty experience will definitely make you want to revisit the country.

Get a photo while wearing the Korean hanbok

Experience Korean culture by wearing their traditional outfit, the hanbok. You can rent a hanbok from shops all over Seoul and other big cities. Then, explore places like Gyeongbokgung Palace. The colourful hanbok looks amazing in pictures with the traditional Korean buildings behind you. You can also have solo or family shots.

Make your inner child happy at Lotte World

For some fun with your family, go to Lotte World, the Disneyland in South Korea. It’s in Seoul and has exciting rides, colourful parades, and a huge indoor amusement park. People of all ages can enjoy various activities. You can ride thrilling roller coasters or take a calm boat ride at the indoor lake. Lotte World promises you and your family a memorable and magical time.

Gyochon Hanok Village

Travel back in time and enjoy the charm of ancient Korea at Gyochon Hanok Village in Gyeongju. This village has old Korean-style houses in good condition, letting people see the country’s history. Walk on stone paths beside small houses, spend time in craft workshops, and try traditional Korean specialties like tea ceremonies and folk shows.

Jeju Island

Being the largest island in South Korea, Jeju is also known as the Hawaii of the country because of its mind-blowing scenery. Another name for this place is ‘Island of Romance,’ because this spot is a very popular wedding or pre-wedding venue among natives. Moreover, due to the gift of natural beauty and a water theme park, this island is perfect for a family visit. If you visit the place, do not forget to taste their special oranges, which are known to be extremely fresh and sweet.

Teddy Bear Museum

This is not just a museum; it’s your childhood coming to life! A large-scale museum that has a collection of rare worldwide teddy bears made into different characters and acts. You can witness the bears portraying real-life scenes like walking on the streets, eating, etc. In simple words, this is a true paradise for everyone who loves teddy bears, as there are bears literally everywhere.

Let Next Holidays help you live your K-dream

South Korea has a huge range of experiences that it can offer to its visitors, from all the historic palaces and temples to sky-high buildings and luscious food. This Asian country is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Whether you are in search of peace and calm or something that would make your adrenaline jump up and down, the place has it all! If you are a K-pop fan, Next Holidays has some amazing South Korean holiday packages that will make your feet run towards the airport and catch the next one for Korea.

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