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Soulful R&B Extraordinaire Osasioo Connects His Medical Career to His Talent

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Soul and R&B-infused singer-songwriter Osasioo turns our worlds upside down with his newest single, ‘Gravity’, just released on 2nd September.

As he pulls at our heartstrings through his undeniably vulnerable lyrical content and powerfully soulful tone. Osasioo can transport his listeners to another dimension where we can genuinely bask in his work’s beauty and share his impactful story of how he is making a difference in many day-to-day lives.

Osasioo enhanced his educational standpoint after returning to schooling to be a nuclear medicine technologist, a career path he has followed for the past four years. He specialises in oncologic imaging, which helps detect and treat cancers.

Unsurprisingly, Osasioo’s incredible day job has influenced his music, as he manages to both empathise and connect with his audiences through the intrinsic lyrical content he produces.

His work shows endless examples of R&B tradition alongside the exploration of soul sentiments intertwined; it is no surprise that his newest single is leaving listeners with anticipation.

With his main goal being to share his music with the world while creating immediate connections between artist and listener, Osasioo has shown us that the mixture between talent and integrity is more present than ever before.

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