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This Song Reminds Me When the Purpose of Life Is Music

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I can relate to this, as I’m also a singer. I inherited musical talent as a blessing from God. I could sing myriad songs all the time without resting due to my intense passion for singing along with my graduate studies in agriculture. Music and singing never made me tired. I would sip warm water and sing and dance.

I chose the one that made me cry the hardest, which was probably a sense of admiration and a wonderful flood of experience. Aiming to cross over the terrifying world of the ocean and meditate on the jewel of holy happy feelings to improve myself and society helps me overcome the twists and turns of life. And I made it through. With music, one can come invigoratingly near to the great Almighty. It is like focusing on the ground while riding a bicycle and so is heavenly music that creates this feeling of immense happiness.  Scientific studies reveal that music creates pleasurable emotions which are a reward to the brain giving a happy feeling.

Gradually with the acing technology, I became familiar with karaoke and occasional appearances with friends singing online. I approached one of the beautiful voices singing verses of God in such a soothing and melodious voice that I was startled to listen and learn the holy scriptures by then. I tried to approach him and finally could collaborate with him sharing my singing skills with his own compositions. After encouraging and motivating words, I started to listen to more of his other musical work which was so mesmerising and enlightened that anyone would be healed from the sorrows of life or other grieves turning into grand magical moments of life. 

I tend to feel the music in simply everything. We whistle, we walk, and we move, we eat, we hum with music. Even the language we communicate with is infused with the resonating sounds of vocabulary where the brain works as a keyboard and the mouth serves as resonating the rhythmic emotions to make it beautiful in effect. Now, I can sing any of the songs; be it Sufi, country songs, Arabic or Persian or music of Indian origin but I’ve pretty much decided not to criticise singing in life as it is a beautiful way to stress out the bad and enjoy singing out the feelings bringing coherence and a sense of meaning to life. Music is always there when nobody is, so it is loyal and loving tunes that riff energy of happiness in the body.

Musically naive people may experience this emotional component in the lyrics of the song one sings, which not only evokes just the memories but also depicts a whole set of happiness. Music creates vivid memories in those of the sufferers of depression. Considering learning to play an instrument also is not at all a bad option as echoes of music could still be felt from the sound of a bowl and a spoon or a breaking glass. Adding rhythms to life creates a mood-boosting medicine with a key to one’s heart with a hidden playlist.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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