Soneika Atkinson

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Soneika (Sunny) Atkinson is a second-year mental health nursing student at the University of Essex.

Mental health is a deeply personal topic for Sunny, who comes from a culture that does not recognise mental health challenges. This is what inspired her to pursue a career in public health.

Sunny recognises that mental health is a complex subject that can be difficult to diagnose, especially since symptoms may not be physical. She feels that people tend to believe there is nothing wrong with someone if they don’t appear physically ill. Therefore, she has chosen to work in healthcare, focusing on mental health issues.

Sunny is particularly interested in the mental health aspect of public health and hopes to help others understand and overcome its stigma. They believe that only a few people understand the significance of mental health. By studying for a BSc in public health and health promotion, Sunny has gained essential skills that allow them to explore further and understand mental health.

With over 15 years of experience working in the primary care sector, Sunny has developed a deep passion and understanding of the healthcare industry. She started their career in dental nursing in 2005 and has since transitioned from dental to mental health.




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