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Music Brings Positivity – Here’s What Solfeggio Frequencies Can Do for Stress

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Nikola Tesla once said: ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ I bring that nugget of wisdom into my healing practice as an acupuncturist. I am constantly looking for ways to enhance the therapeutic effects of my treatments. I use needles, a bio-mat, TDP lamp, tuning forks, coloured lights, crystals, essential oils, laser pen, e-stim and microcurrent devices, herbs, and music to name a few.

This is  known as ‘layering’. Of course, I do not use all of them at once or even all the time with every patient, but I do always add music played next to the patient during their treatment.

The music I select is based on Solfeggio frequencies which are based on the white keys of a piano. Everyone knows that some music will calm people and one will heal better and faster when they are relaxed and calm.

Solfeggio frequencies are ancient tones that can be used for many purposes including stress management, healing the body, emotional issues, spiritual development, manifestation, and many other aspects. It is believed that the use of frequencies is at least as old as the days of Atlantis and that the pyramids were a source of certain frequencies that were used to regenerate the human body using a frequency of 111 Hz.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, studied in Egypt where he learned this information and passed it on to the Greeks through his teachings. His writings passed this information on the world. In the 11th century, Guido D’Arezzo, a Benedictine monk, associated the frequencies with the Western musical scale of UT (or Do as it is known today), Re, Me, Fa, So, and La.

The 6 main frequencies for healing the body are:

  • 174 Hz – for healing pain and relieving stress
  • 285 Hz – for healing tissues and organs
  • 396 Hz – for healing fear and guilt
  • 417 Hz – to facilitate changes in life
  • 528 Hz – for transformation and DNA repair
  • 639 Hz – for healing relationships

Of course, there are many more frequencies, but this will give you an idea of some of the possibilities.

There are many ways to heal the body with these frequencies using the principle of harmonic resonance. This is where the body will resonate or vibrate at the same frequency as something else in its vicinity. For example, if several guitars are lined up against a wall and the string of one guitar is strummed, it would cause all the other guitar strings to vibrate at the same frequency as the first guitar. The same is true of tuning forks and similar devices.

Here are different modalities (frequency sources) that can be applied to the body to initiate healing, calming, and stress-reducing response in the body with the use of sound frequencies:

  • Humming, chanting, or singing (used by many ancient cultures and some aboriginal tribes even today)
  • Playing music on a piano or other instrument that can generate the frequency desired
  • Using tuned crystal bowls to generate the desired frequency
  • Using Solfeggio tuning forks
  • Microcurrent devices that can be programmed to the frequencies desired or that are already programmed with the Solfeggio frequencies
  • Programmed music available on CDs, music downloads, and on various YouTube channels

The sounds can be heard by the ears, the tools can be used in the energy field (aura) around the body, or in the case of the tuning forks, they may also be used on specific acupuncture points to enhance the healing of specific organs, structures, or channels in the body. The microcurrent devices will have pads or metal hand-held and wired attachments for applying the frequency to the body without using actual sound but frequency vibrations.

This information is only a sampling of the myriad of possibilities of healing with the use of frequencies. Playing music that has these frequencies while at home or driving can facilitate the healing of stress and similar emotional states. Of course, this does not negate the need for medical advice as appropriate.

Beverly Lawrence, PhD is a licensed acupuncturist, who has been in practice since graduation in 2008 from the Phoenix Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

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