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Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP) Annual Conference


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The Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP), a Section of Division 5 of the American Psychological Association is pleased to announce its annual conference that will be held at Fordham University (Lincoln Centre) in Manhattan, on Wednesday and Thursday, 24-25 May 2017.

SQIP, in aiming to develop and disseminate qualitative methods suitable for acquiring knowledge of psychological life (broadly conceived including lived experiences, expression, practice, and social conduct), recognises that important contributions are being made across many disciplines. Therefore, we invite scholars and researchers in psychology as well as in other social sciences, humanities, and the arts to share their work and engagement with qualitative methods and methodologies. The could include (but are not limited to) methodological advances in qualitative enquiries of all kinds; philosophical issues such as epistemology and ethics; strategies and practices for effective instruction in specific qualitative methods; and empirical progress within all content domains. In pursuit of a robust conference dialogue across multiple disciplines, we welcome presentations that address questions of disciplinary identities and differences, or that bring interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives to bear in qualitative enquiry.

Prospective participants are encouraged to share ideas for putting together a symposium proposal on the QUAL email list-serve (to join, click here), or by leaving a comment on our website.

Proposal submissions are invited in three forms:

1. Organised symposia featuring 3-5 presenters who will address a common theme during a 90-minute session.
2. Individual papers that we will group into sessions of three papers each
3. Poster presentations for our poster session(s), featuring individual and/or group work.

Completed proposalas should be submitted as a single, well-organised document in Microsoft Word format and given a document name that includes “2017 SQIP,” the first and last name of the person submitting the proposal, and an abbreviated title (e.g., “2017 SQIP – Full Name – Narrative Study of Microaggression”). On the first page of the proposal,
please include the name and contact information (including email addresses) for all participants, including chair and discussant(s) (as applicable). For symposia, an overarching title and abstract
(not to exceed 300 words), plus complete titles and abstracts (not to exceed 300 words each) for individual presentations must be included. Individual paper proposals and posters can be 300-
500 words in length. (Paper and poster proposals can include a copy of the completed paper or
sample slides, if available.)

Submit proposals to SQIPconference@gmail.com with a cc to jhead@gradcenter.cuny.edu by 01 February 2017.

Credits: The Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology 

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