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It Seems That Our Society Has Forgotten How to Love

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As we enter into one of the darkest chapters of human history, I find it imperative that we relearn how to discern the truth from the deceit and corruption we are often now being faced  with.

Who we once took for granted as being trusted professionals and governing bodies it appears are turning out to be the ones we should fear the most. The higher up in authority a person or organisation is the more corrupt they seem to be. From politicians, to the police, doctors, teachers, therapists and the like, just who can we trust, and how has this happened? It just seems that society, in general, has forgotten how to love.

From the constant conditioning of what another deems to be true, we then operate from utter falsehood. The days have long gone when people think for themselves, the conditioned mind rules the heart and we forget the very existence of who we are. Compassion for others and a genuine love for life have been swapped for mind control. We consider the further from the truth we are the better we must be.

So how do we navigate through this  utter dilemma and learn to see who each person is before deception can occur? We must first find ourselves,which can only come from the heart and takes great courage and honesty. Once realised, it becomes easier to spot the truth in others. We learn that life is a mirror image, and if we can’t be true to ourselves how can we expect others to be?

The truth can only come from love and the remembrance that love needs nothing to succeed because  when it has found itself it is complete. It cares not about the world around it – as it is untouchable.

Can you remember your first love? This doesn’t have to be with a person, maybe a vocation or even a gift given by someone special to you, or a child’s favourite toy. Could anyone at that time in your life have swayed you, to not believe that you were in love ? Could they have separated you from the truth of that  love you felt?

I learned my greatest lessons from love; in reality there is no other teacher . 

When love is not present and acting from false pretenses it will use every trick in the book to deceive us. It will play on our own love as it lacks its own and can make us question our own morality.

Love comes from truth and both can only come from the heart. But sadly most of humanity operates from the mind driven self.  I like the saying ‘if it’s too good to be true it probably is.’ But we have to feel that ourselves. I have no motive in life but to promote love. As in that love I have all that I need. But if i do not promote that love then who am I?

Socrates taught in the 5th century that  ‘to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’. Just how clever was he? And we still think that we are evolving?

Alexandrina Henderson is a mental health advocate.

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