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Social Media Analysis Reveals Everyone Is Doing These 8 Things at Disneyland Paris

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You’ve booked the flight entrance tickets and sorted the accommodation. It’s time to plan the exciting part, your Disneyland Paris itinerary!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time to Disneyland Paris, the theme park experts at AttractionTickets.com have analysed TikTok hashtag data to uncover the “must-see” attractions around the park.  The data revealed the eight most popular things to see and do at Disneyland Paris.

Below, the experts share everything you need to know about visiting Disneyland Paris’ most popular attractions, according to TikTok. 

Character meet and greets

According to TikTok data, Ariel and Donald Duck are the most popular characters to meet and greet at Disneyland Paris. While it might sound easy to tick off meeting all your favourite characters, they often move around the park, making some characters slightly tricky to find.

If you’re hoping to meet Ariel at Disneyland Paris, it’s recommended to head to the Princess Pavilion or the Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland. 

However, Donald Duck doesn’t have a scheduled meet-and-greet location – it can be a matter of luck whether you spot him. According to Disneyland Paris Tripadvisor reviews, the most likely areas to meet him include Fantasyland, Adventureland or the Production Courtyard in the Studios 1. 

You can meet other characters at Disneyland Paris: Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Snow White. 

Peter Pan’s flight

In second place is Peter Pan’s Flight, located in Fantasyland. This rail-suspended ride is designed to make you feel like you’re flying over scenes from the movie as you coast over London rooftops, Neverland and Captain Hook’s ship. It’s particularly great for young children or if you want a ride with a more gentle experience.

While this ride is nearly identical to the Disneyland version, the flight in Disneyland Paris is three minutes long, while other versions are typically 2.5 minutes.

Meet Mickey Mouse

Unsurprisingly, meeting the iconic Mickey Mouse is among the top things to see and do. To meet Mickey, Disneyland Paris has a dedicated spot inside Fantasyland, or “Mickey Mouse’s House”.

While this spot is probably the best place to meet Mickey in person and take photos, if you don’t fancy queuing to meet Mickey Mouse, there are some other common locations to spot him around the park. Based on Tripadvisor reviews, one visitor has spotted Mickey at:

  • Dining experiences at Plaza Gardens
  • Mickey and the Magician live show where you can spot him on stage performing tricks
  • Parades and shows where you can see Mickey Mouse dressed in various costumes

A trip down Main Street

This iconic entrance area is hard to miss, but it is undoubtedly a magical moment for many families on their visit. Featuring shops, restaurants, and the view of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street often serves as a picturesque backdrop for videos and photos.

Sleeping Beauty castle

This classic Disney landmark is often the hub for parades and firework displays, providing numerous photo opportunities to capture the magic of Disneyland Paris.

According to TikTok data, night-time shows are highly popular, and it’s easy to see why. With Disney illuminations, fireworks and music, it’s a nostalgic and magical experience. The castle also holds various shows throughout the day. Remember to check the park’s schedule on the day you visit to help plan this into your itinerary.

You can also go inside the castle, where you’ll find “La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant”, which translates as Sleeping Beauty Gallery. Here, it tells the story of Sleeping Beauty through tapestries, stained glass windows and sculptures.

During the day, the castle courtyard is a great area to relax, take a break and meet your favourite characters.

Big Thunder mountain

This family-friendly rollercoaster has a moderate thrill level and is loved for its unique theme and scenery. Set in the Wild West mining town of Thunder Mesa, it’s based on the legend of the cursed Big Thunder Mountain and the mining operation that led to its downfall. Expect to take a scenic route through tunnels, canyons and caves, all while admiring the detailed scenery and animatronic characters.


Fantasyland is an enchanting area with various fairy-tale-themed attractions and sets. Immerse yourself into this magical and dreamlike environment and meet nostalgic and beloved characters such as Peter Pan, Snow White and Cinderella.  It also has whimsical rides such as Dumbo, the Flying Elephant and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.

Trying Disney-themed food and snacks

The experience of Disneyland Paris doesn’t stop at the attractions and things to see – you can also immerse yourself in the world of Disney through the wonderful treats on offer.  From Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles to Star Wars-themed snacks, there’s an array of quirky and fun foods to try. Some of the favourites spotted on TikTok include:

  • Belle’s Enchanted Rose cake pop, inspired by Beauty and the Beast
  • Darth Vader-shaped waffles
  • Lightsaber churros
  • Mickey Mouse-shaped doughnuts

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