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Do You Snore? Be Careful, Your Wife Could Be Cheating on You

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Sleep is central to our lives; it affects our mood, energy, and behaviour. If you don’t get enough, or if it is disturbed, it can have real consequences on your daily life and on your relationships. What is the number one cause of sleep problems? Men’s incessant snoring. Gleeden, Europe’s leading extramarital dating service, with over 3.7 million members, interviewed over 8,000 unfaithful women to find out if their spouse’s snoring had an influence on their desire to have an affair.

Trust, communication, and a great sex life – there are several essential elements of a happy life as a couple. Being able to sleep well next to your partner is also one of them. According to a study in the Journal of Clinic Sleep Medicine, almost 50% of women face sleeping problems compared to only 27% of men. Most of these women attribute their restless nights to their partner’s snoring. The results are a lack of energy, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.

But be warned, disturbing these ladies’ sleep is definitely not good idea. According to the latest study by Gleeden, some are so irritated by their partner’s night-time noises that they go elsewhere. And while 71% of women surveyed say that their partner snores regularly, nearly three-quarters of them admit to having already argued with them about it (73%).

And there is more… 66% of the women questioned by Gleeden believe that their partner’s nightly snoring has pushed them to infidelity. They justify this act in different ways: while some say that lack of sleep makes them irritable and does not make them want to make an effort to maintain their relationship (43%), others admit that their snoring spouse is the source of friction and arguments between them (31%). Finally, some believe that their other half’s snoring has had a direct impact on their libido. For this reason, nearly a quarter of women surveyed say that they no longer have any desire for their partner (22%).

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